Shy cat: here’s how to help it feel more at ease

When adopting a cat, we do not immediately know its character traits. If it turns out it’s shy, there’s a certain way you’ll have to do so that your new companion isn’t scared and is happy in their new home. Indeed, the fact of wanting to show them right away their new home can frighten them and make them see your advances with fear and concern. Here are our tips to help your shy cat feel more at ease.

1. Create a warm environment

Their new home is surely nice and big, and you would like your cat to discover all the space you have reserved for them. Despite all these good intentions, the shy cat will be overly impressed and panic. Its adaptation must therefore be done in stages. Start with a quiet place with a little subdued light then open the different rooms little by little to finish with those that are perhaps noisier and brighter.

It is important to have small nooks where your feline can hide. Indeed when it is frightened, the cat confines itself to inaccessible places for you in order to calm down and evaluate all the new things which surround it. It will decide for itself the right time to start exploring their new environment.

2. Play with smells and food

Smell is a very important sense for cats. To get them used to your presence, leave a T-shirt or two in the room it’s most often in and considers their comfort zone. That way the next time you approach them it’ll know who you are and be less scared.

It is also interesting to observe that, for a shy cat, bringing them food on a regular basis allows them to make the link between your presence and the food intake. Thanks to this, it will understand that you are there to provide for them and that it does not have to fear you.

3. Play with them

Playing is a great way to bond with your cat. To do this, use a small cat fishing rod or simply a piece of string attached to a stick. The toy will create a slight distance between you and the animal which will allow them to stay in their comfort zone. Note that it is better to play backwards and not to advance towards the cat. That way, it won’t get defensive. Also, when playing with them, talk to them at the same time. But unlike the dog, you should not speak in a high-pitched or excited manner. Prefer a rather soft and calm voice.

More generally with a shy cat, make them feel in control of their space. Do not go looking for it and do not force it out of its hiding places. When it becomes familiar with their surroundings, it will come to you on their own and be ready to discover their new home.

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