Shapes of the cat’s pupils: discover their meaning!

Cats have a special power: they can (unconsciously) change the shape of their pupil depending on their mood and state of health. Thus, if you learn to decode what your cat is trying to tell you with his eyes , you will be able to better understand him and anticipate his reactions!

1. Narrow pupils

When a cat is particularly aroused , whether from fearanger, or even pleasure, its pupils contract and then look like very narrow, vertical slits. But it can also be because of too much light. Either way, it almost feels like looking at the eyes of a snake.

So, if your fur ball suddenly has narrow pupils, it could be because it is preparing to attack its toy (or your calves) or because it feels incredibly relaxed in your lap.

2. Dilated pupils

When a cat’s pupils widen to the point where it has roundblack eyes, it is a sign that it is excited or scared. It may be in the middle of the game or, on the contrary, be faced with a situation that deeply distresses them. Even that terrifies them. But her pupils can also be dilated to better let in light. Especially if it is located in a dimly lit place.

In order to be able to understand its state of mind and know if he is all crazy or worried, it is better to also analyse his environment and his body language.

3. Pupils of different size

It can happen that one of a cat’s pupils is larger than the other. This is called an anisocoria and it is often accompanied by other symptoms: bluish or red eyes, itchy eyes, discharge… In this case, an emergency visit to the veterinarian is required.

Indeed, it is very often a symptom of a serious illness . It can be glaucoma, eye inflammation, retinal disease, corneal ulcer, feline leukosis or cancer. Brain injury from trauma (fall, shock, or stroke) or injury to the eye can also cause  anisocoria.

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