Scottish Straight Cat care: brushing, bathing, grooming tips

Here’s how to take care of the Scottish Straight: let’s find out together the best beauty tips for our beloved cat.

Taking care of your Scottish Straight is not just a matter of aesthetics. In fact, the well-being and health of the cat depend on important daily rituals, such as brushing. For this reason, it is essential to know how to best take care of the four-legged, to ensure that it is always serene and splendid.

Scottish Straight Care: Brushing and Bathing

The care of the coat of the Scottish Straight is really fundamental: let’s see how to do it in a really perfect way.

Being a short-haired specimen, this cat does not shed much hair. For this, it is enough to brush it 1-2 times a week.

The frequency, on the other hand, must be increased during the moulting period, to avoid the formation of knots and hairballs.

Which brush should you use to carry out this operation? The ideal would be a tool with short and soft bristles, which can make this moment pleasant even for the four-legged.

The advice is to proceed by brushing both in the direction in which the hair grows and against the grain. This way, you can also check for parasitic infestations.

If you want your Scottish Straight’s coat to be really bright, dab his coat with a solution of water and vinegar it will make it sparkle.

Of course, at the same time make sure that their diet is healthy and balanced.

Are you wondering if bathing the cat is always necessary? Generally not, cats are very clean animals and attentive to their personal hygiene.

In any case, it may be necessary to wash the four legs, if it is recovering from an illness or in the course of its lively explorations it has slipped into a particularly narrow opening.

How to do? Attention should be paid to the temperature of the water, which should be warm and pleasant.

In addition, it is essential to use cleaners specially formulated for your cat’s delicate skin and to completely dry its coat once the operation is complete.

Cleaning of eyes, nails, ears and teeth

Not only care of the Scottish Straight coat: let’s find out how to take care of the complete hygiene of this cat.

First of all, it is essential to regularly clean your cat’s teeth. Neglected oral hygiene, in fact, would risk causing an accumulation of plaque and bacteria, which in turn would cause the onset of diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis.

How to do? First, it is forbidden to use products intended for human use. On the market there are special toothbrushes and toothpastes for cats, but also spreadable creams to be distributed on the teeth of the pelosetto, able to remove tartar and food residues.

Another tip is to regularly inspect the cat’s ears and eyes to remove any build-up of secretion.

In particular, to clean the ears of the cat it is possible to use specific sprays available in pet stores. Or, resort to a gauze, slightly moistened in warm water .

This solution is equally valid for the eyes. Finally, there is one final piece of information to know about Scottish Straight grooming : do you want to trim your cat’s nails yes or no?

It is not always necessary. In the event that the cat is young and active, in fact, it will sharpen its claws by itself.

On the contrary, if it is an elderly and sedentary cat, we will have to trim its nails using a nail clipper and taking care to remove only the most superficial portion of the claw.

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