Scottish Straight Cat: appearance, character, care, breeding

The Scottish Straight is a particular type of cat, originating from the crossing of different feline breeds, including British Shorthair, Scottish Fold, Exotic Shorthair and American Shorthair. In this article we will go to the discovery of its characteristics and some curiosities concerning it.

Characteristics of the Scottish Straight

Let’s start with the characteristics of the Scottish Straight. The breed appeared for the first time in 1961, when a litter of cats was born in Scotland, completely identical, except for the shape of the ears, to the specimens of the Scottish Fold, whose country of origin is Scotland. Therefore, cats that differ in their straight ears or are born from a British parent and a Scottish (Fold or Straight) belong to the Scottish Straight breed. If the cats show their ears folded forward, they would be defined as a Scottish Fold breed. In the Scottish breeding program, Exotics or American Shorthairs may also sometimes be present. Despite having a Scottish parent, Straight puppies will lose the carrier gene for folded ears; in some cases, if a Straight is mated with a Fold, it will produce puppies with both straight and folded ears. The specimens of this breed are devoid of the natural genetic mutation that characterizes the Scottish Fold responsible for the peculiar shape of their ears.

The first period of life represents for every cat a phase of enormous physical and behavioral changes; a complete, tailor-made feeding program, recommended by experienced veterinarians, will be able to meet your specific needs and help you grow in health.

The Scottish Straight’s head is round and compact with a broad skull. The nose is short, broad and straight, with a slight depression at the base. The eyes of this breed are instead large, round, very open and spaced apart. The coat has a vaporous, dense, smooth structure with abundant undercoat, fine texture, it does not flatten on the body but tends to remain raised. On the coloring front, however, each hair must be uniform in color up to the root, except in the tabby and silver varieties.

Warning: given the predisposition of the cat to suffer from high temperatures, it is essential that in its home environment there are refrigerated areas or areas in the shade.

Character of the Scottish Straight

Let’s find out now some curiosities about the character of the Scottish Straight. This breed of cat turns out to be an extremely affectionate cat who loves to spend time in the company of his favorite human friend, adapting immediately to the habits of the house. It is a cat with an extraordinary personality, as well as a very calm character; intelligent and insightful, the Scottish Straight can be easily trained and taken for a walk on a leash. This particular feline loves cuddles, thoughtful gestures, but also games and activities aimed at exploration or hunting. Thanks to its active and curious nature, this cat turns out to be an excellent companion animal, patient and sweet even with the elderly and children.

Adopting a Scottish Straight is also recommended for those who share the house with other animals, including dogs. If you stay several hours away from home, the cat will not create any kind of problem: the specimens of this breed are autonomous and do not suffer too much from loneliness. Given its irrepressible energy, it is a good thing that it has an area where it can play, run and climb. The ideal would be a large, outdoor space: gardens and terraces will do well, as long as they are properly fenced and secured with suitable protection nets. Although the Scottish Straight is not inclined to leave home, it is possible that they run away, attracted by some stimulus, putting themselves in serious danger.

How long does the Scottish Straight live

Let’s see at this point how long the Scottish Straight lives. His average life span is between 12 and 15 years. Unlike the Scottish Fold, there are no particular common hereditary diseases. However, this does not mean that the cat can contract pathologies typical of all felines, such as parasites, Felv, allergies, etc. For this, it is essential to subject the cat to proper veterinary prophylaxis.

How much does a Scottish Straight cost

We conclude our article by discovering how much a Scottish Straight costs on average. The price of a specimen of this breed is approximately around 605/1005 USD. The exact figure of a specimen depends on a variety of different factors. Among these we can, for example, mention: genealogy, age, sex, as well as the reliability and reputation of the breeder, equally essential components.

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