Scorpio stings Cat: dangers associated and what to do

What to do if a scorpion stings our cat? First, don’t panic; but at the same time it is necessary to intervene promptly.

The cat, as we know, is an extremely curious animal. And this characteristic sometimes pushes him to get into trouble with his own … paws, as in the case in which the object of his attention is captured by other animals: what to do if a scorpion stings our cat ? Here’s what to know on the subject.

Curiosity is… feline

Elegance, agility, dexterity, beauty: there are many characteristics of the most loved feline in the world, which has always been cloaked in an aura of mystery.

What is not secret, however, is his immense curiosity. A healthy cat is an animal that is always ready to explore new places, get to know objects it does not know, express its vitality through play.

It is essential for the feline to be able to interact with a world that conforms to its ethological characteristics. On the other hand, one of the tasks of his human companion is precisely that of providing a suitable environment to allow him to express his real nature.

It may happen, however, that in the course of his adventures as a small feline he runs into some unpleasant episode: it is in the natural order of things, and this fear should not stop us from making the cat live the experiences suited to its nature; indeed, it must push us to find the right compromise in offering the right safety to the feline: making the garden safe for the cat is a mandatory requirement for the owner.

Among the misadventures that can happen to our feline, there can also be unusual encounters. Isn’t the scorpion that stings the cat one of these? The meeting is rare, but not impossible.

The scorpion stings the cat: how to intervene

What to do if the scorpion stings our cat?

First of all, you need to stay calm. It may seem superfluous and trivial advice, but keeping the situation under our control is a preparatory act to be able to move with clarity.

The poison does not have a great offensive effect; the effects deriving from the sting from the Italic arthropod are to be compared to those caused by the sting of a bee. In short, anything but irreparable.

It is clear, however, that the illegal importation of tropical specimens makes it possible to encounter much more dangerous scorpions; but today it is still a very rare eventuality.

The cat is an extremely fast animal, and may be able to dodge the sting of the arthropod; on the other hand, however, he could also find himself face to face with the animal for the first time, and unaware of the danger, suffer its sting.

The feline will most likely run away frightened; the first thing to do is to make sure that it does not go out of our range of action, also to be able to monitor its state of health.

When he has calmed down, we will be able to control the effects of the aggression of the scorpion, which, rather than stinging, could also operate its own pincers, however fearful in inflicting wounds.

It is always good to inform your trusted veterinarian, even by contacting him by phone, in order to ask for advice on how to behave; the practitioner, for example, may recommend the administration of an antihistamine.

If the scorpion is dead, we can pick it up and show it to the vet. Of course, we may not even be present at the time the scorpion stings the cat. The feline may exhibit the following symptoms :

  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Tremor
  • Pupils dilated
  • Agitation
  • Salivation

Medical assistance must be timely.

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