Rodents as pets – these are the most common!

At this point, no one can doubt that there are some rodents that are perfect pets. Smart and affectionate, pet rodents can be wonderful companions for the whole family. The most common in the home are what we will mention below. If you are thinking of adopting one, 

Rodents as pets: these are the most common

One of the reasons that most encourages people when taking a rodent home as a pet is that they do not take up too much space and do not require as constant and specific attention as another animal, for example, the dog.

However, you should know that these animals also need to be cared for correctly so that they live healthy and happy.


Have you ever petted a chinchilla? It is a wonderful experience! Not just one hair comes out of each follicle on their body, but more than 50. That makes them one of the softest animals in the world!

Of course, that hair is not very strong, so you have to be very careful when picking them so as not to pull too many of them.

In addition, one of the most important care for chinchillas is caring for their fur. Chinchillas love to take sand baths : it is something that keeps them clean and avoid bathing with water (you should not bathe it!).

Domestic chinchillas are calm animals , which create great bonds with their family.

They are cuddly and sociable and can show their love through sounds and affectionate little Moors.

As for their diet, it is based mainly on special feed for them and vegetables.


These little animals make an ideal pet! Of course, they are quite scary at first, so you should earn their trust. It is not complicated at all!

For example, for the first few days, you can put your hand in the cage with some food for him. But don’t ever make a sudden move or he’ll be scared!

When he’s gotten used to eating from your hand, you can start stroking him . If you are going to catch him, you must be very aware that he is a delicate little animal , you cannot exert much force. If you have children, remember to explain this to them.

Their diet is based on vegetables and specific food for hamsters.

In addition to their  basic care (food and cleaning), it is very important that they have exercise toys in their cage , such as the famous wheels, but it is also important that they have contact with you. Did you know that you can train him to recognize his name and answer your call? They are very smart!


Perhaps among the most common pet rodents , the gerbil is the least known, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great pet!

Gerbils are fun and sociable , although they must first trust you and, like everyone else, go through a process of socialization.

They are very active animals that love to dig, so try to make the bottom of their cage deep so that the substrate does not come out.

Plus, you can’t be without toys to keep you entertained. All this must be in a space wide enough so that the animal does not get overwhelmed.

Their diet is based on seeds, fruits and vegetables that must be provided in a balanced way.

Although the life expectancy of gerbils is not very high, they usually live only about 5 years,  taking good care of him you will enjoy a very happy time with him.

Guinea pigs

In recent years, guinea pigs have become one of the favorite pets . And no wonder! They are amazing little animals!

Guinea pigs need specific care , but the truth is that it is not complicated at all.

They are affectionate and fun pets , ideal for families with children, since their attention is not difficult and they are easier to manipulate than a hamster.

That she has toys in her cage so she can have fun on her own is just as important as that you play with her. Your company is essential for you to create great links!

Its diet consists of hay, feed for guinea pigs and fruits and vegetables , so it does not differ much from other rodents.

Whichever rodent you choose as a pet, remember that in addition to their food everyone needs to have fresh and clean water always at their disposal and that the remains of fruit and vegetables that have not been eaten the previous day be removed from their cage on a daily basis.

In addition, their cage must be cleaned frequently , to remove excrement and avoid infection.

The visits to the vet , in this case, one specializing in exotic animals are as important as in the case of dogs and cats. They must be properly vaccinated and dewormed .

Other less common pet rodents

This article is dedicated to rodents as the most common pets, but there are people who do not go with the common and prefer something different.

In case you didn’t know, many people appreciate having another type of rodent as a companion animal that many people flee from. Yes, we are talking about the rats !

The house rat can be a social and playful animal if you train it. You can learn various tricks!

Of course, you have to know how to take care of them . The bad image that accompanies these animals associates them with garbage and it is thought that in their diet anything goes … and the truth is that no. The ideal way to feed domestic rats is to use special food for them, accompanied by small amounts of fruits and vegetables.

Many people will be shocked if you tell them that you have a pet rat , but the important thing is that you love it and take care of it as it deserves!

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