Roborowski Hamster

The roborowski hamsters   are really special, cuddly and a lot of fun. However, being the smallest of all, they can be really fragile and difficult to handle. Do you want to discover what these rodents are like and what do they need if they live in captivity? We tell you about the roborowski.

Characteristics of the Roborowski Hamster

This tiny rodent only measures around 5 cm and weighs no more than 20 grams, while other hamsters can reach 50 . They are quite chubby and round.

His ears and eyes, which are round, bulging and with a lively look, contrast with the size of his body. It is precisely in the eyes that the most distinctive feature of the roborowski hamster is concentrated, some very adorable white spots .

Otherwise, their fur is usually brown in the upper part of the body and lighter in color in the belly area.

Nature of the Roborowski Hamster

Roborowski hamsters can have characters of all kinds ; They are very different: affectionate, docile, playful and sociable and others who are more elusive, independent and can even bite when you try to touch them.

In either case, the roborowski hamster is very active and awake, making it somewhat complex to handle. In addition, you must be careful that it does not escape by providing it with a special cage.

Roborowski hamster care

The hamster diet consists of a cereal and seed base, which should be supplemented with smaller servings of fresh fruits and vegetables. It is better to avoid kiwi, pineapple and other citrus fruits, since the acid of these fruits does not suit them very well. Also do not abuse the fruit, because hamsters are prone to diabetes and should not take excess sugar ; of course, never give your roborowski hamster candy. Also, they need to get a small percentage of protein; the egg is a good way to give it.

Remember also that it is important that you always have clean and fresh water to drink.

It is preferable that these hamsters do not live in barred cages, because due to their small size they could escape. Plain-walled containers are a better option, made of plastic or glass terrariums. To prevent your hamster from getting sick, follow good hygiene in his terrarium: frequently clean the feces and remove the food that has accumulated, change the gravel at the bottom and disinfect well.

Hamsters are delicate animals, and Roborowski much more for their small size. Find the right place to keep your urn, well away from drafts but where it is not too hot or humid.