Risks and Remedies when the cat has a habit of overeating

Can’t you leave anything to eat on the table and have to watch out for his every stealth move to steal food? What to do if the cat is greedy.

Sometimes picky with food, other times exactly the opposite: when the cat is greedy the situation can become complex, because it will not be easy to manage. In fact, you must always have your eyes open to never leave foods or things that could be swallowed (not necessarily edible), with enormous consequences on his health. So what is best to do (or not to do) when the cat does not brake in front of food.

Cat and food: what happens if he eats too much

One of the most frequent mistakes on our part is to give the cat excessive doses of food, but also to leave it at the disposal of the food right under the nose. It is true that the relationship of the domestic cat with food can be complicated: it is not taken for granted that it always eats everything we offer it, yet sometimes we have to be careful on the contrary.

If a cat eats too much because the portions are too large, it is absolutely not good for his health. Sometimes we do it to ‘reward’ him for his behavior, but we risk giving him ‘more than he needs’.

The greatest risk is certainly obesity, which is by no means just a cosmetic issue, but brings with it a series of other far more serious diseases, such as: diabetes, bone problems (arthritis) and urinary tract infections.

The cat is greedy: what does it depend on

To deal with a problem it is necessary to understand well what are the physical but also psychological reasons that can lead a cat to behave in a certain way. In fact, the first answer that could come to mind is certainly linked to his needs: maybe the quantities of food we give him are scarce, or the food is not nutritious enough.

If we discover that the causes of his constant search for food are not so much physical as psychological, let’s try to make him live in a more serene and peaceful environment, so as not to create further stress for the cat that could vent in food.

We can help with small tools to keep him away from pantries and refrigerators: containers to spray water or whistles that emit very annoying sounds for the cat. This way we won’t hurt him but he’ll get scared and stay away.

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