Respiratory diseases in cats: the most effective natural remedies

There are cat respiratory diseases, which prevent a cat from breathing well: here are some effective natural remedies to help the cat breathe better.

Especially in winter, it can happen that the cat has difficulty breathing due to respiratory diseases typical of domestic cats, such as colds.
If your cat is not breathing well, natural remedies for seasonal ailments that may accompany or, in some cases, replace the drug therapy prescribed by the veterinarian may be useful.

Infections and other respiratory diseases in cats can lead to symptoms such as difficulty breathing, coughing, loss of fluid or pus from the eyes and fever: find out how these problems can be treated effectively with natural home remedies, but always ask your vet for advice before give them to the kitty.

Natural remedies for cat respiratory diseases

The cat does not breathe well, maybe coughs and also has a fever? There is probably an ongoing infection, perhaps linked to a typical seasonal disease that is among the problems to protect cats from in winter. Surely the first thing to do when the cat is sick is to consult a veterinarian: in addition to the classic drugs, however, a series of natural remedies of various types can be useful which, in combination with medicines or in milder cases even alone, help your cat heal faster.

Let’s see together which are the best natural remedies and home tricks to help the cat in case of respiratory diseases.

1. Strengthen the cat’s immune system

There are holistic blends specifically for cats, based on herbs and vitamins, which are able to strengthen the cat’s immune system. In this way, the animal will be able to more easily fight the viruses that are usually the cause of respiratory infections of the upper respiratory tract most common among domestic cats.

2. L-lysine

L-lysine is an amino acid that provides additional support to the feline immune system, making the cat with a cold or other respiratory problems stronger and able to reduce the viral replication mechanism. It is found in numerous supplements specifically for domestic felines.

3. Vitamin C

An excellent supplement and natural remedy typical for those suffering from respiratory diseases is vitamin C, perfect even if the cat suffers. Besides being a good solution against viral infections, vitamin C is an antioxidant and is also able to improve the situation when your cat suffers from diarrhea.

4. Probiotics

Probiotics are also great for cats, just as they are for humans as well as dogs. In addition to strengthening the cat’s immune system in general, they are perfect for rebalancing the intestinal flora and ensuring better digestion for the cat.

5. Homeopathic remedies

There are many possibilities that homeopathy also offers to cats (and dogs), however the homeopathic remedy must be prescribed ad hoc for the individual case, based on the symptoms found in the animal and all the factors that only the veterinarian can control and take into account.

6. Healthy and balanced diet

What the cat eats is fundamental for its health: this applies to any stage of the cat’s life and to any ongoing pathology that characterizes the animal at a certain time. Furthermore, a healthy diet for the cat is a guarantee to keep themselves healthy and happy and to prevent the onset of a series of more or less serious diseases.

7. Drink lots of water

The right amount of water is essential for the health and healing of the cat, also and above all in the case of respiratory diseases of various kinds.
You must always make sure that your cat has drinking water, fresh and clean: do not forget that the cat often prefers to drink running water and that it cannot stand water stagnant in the bowl for too many hours.

8. Fresh air

Going out into the fresh air is very important for the cat’s recovery: if you don’t have a safe garden, porch or balcony, a comfortable and quiet spot next to the window may suffice. The fresh and clean air will be a cure-all for kitty!

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