Relationship between rabbits and cats

How is the relationship between rabbits and cats? The coexistence between these two pets may seem very difficult if not impossible, but nothing is further from reality, since the rabbit and the cat can become great friends, provided that the first steps in coexistence are done correctly.

Rabbits and Cats and together: is it possible?

The key is to present them correctly. They don’t necessarily have to be newborns to get along, but the younger they are the easier the acceptance will be.

When they are both puppies, the hunting instinct is not as developed and it is easier for them to see each other as companions. Also, cats tend to attack any smaller animals and avoid larger ones.

Rabbits and cats can be the best companions, even though the cat will instinctively want to hunt the rabbit. Do you want to know how?

Socialization between rabbits and cats

The first thing we must know is that the rabbit is the most vulnerable in this socialization and our priority must be its safety. Whether the cat is the first in the house or the visitor, both must be comfortable and have already adapted to the new space before meeting.

To avoid putting the life of the rabbit at risk, it is better to present it to the cat from a cage, in this way the cat can explore it without harming it. 

You should never leave them alone, since any carelessness can give you a good scare.

If the rabbit comes later …

Rabbits are highly sensitive to changes and are easily stressed. This means that we cannot introduce you to the cat right away. It is necessary that the rabbit first gets used to its cage and the room where it will be and later to the house.

Once it has become accustomed to its surroundings, it is time to introduce the cat.

You must be patient as this period can last from days to weeks, in these cases it is advisable to initiate contact  from the cage , and it is most advisable that the contact be made progressively. Remember not to leave them alone. If the cat tries to attack the rabbit, spray it with a spray of water, quickly, so the cat will associate the water with its behaviour with the rabbit.

If the cat comes later …

This process must also be progressive. First you will let your cat and rabbit see a few minutes a day through a cage and little by little you will bring them closer. If the rabbit has already been at home and is older than the cat that has just arrived, it may also happen that the rabbit tries to attack the feline.

How to live with rabbits and cats in the same house?

You should be just as loving to both of them. The key is to serve them at the same time. If you give the cat treats, do it with the rabbit too …

For cats the smell is so important, if you mix the smells of both by stroking them at the same time, you can make the cat feel the rabbit as someone from “its family.”

How to prevent the cat from attacking the rabbit?

Once the process of socialization and acceptance is over, the risk that the cat will try to hunt the rabbit is very low. However, it doesn’t hurt to take precautions. Whenever you leave the house, leave the rabbit and the cat in different rooms and remember never to leave them completely alone even if you think they are getting along wonderfully.

What to do if my cat attacks my rabbit? 

  • Check that both sides of the nose, without swelling or wounds
  • Make sure there are no broken teeth or bleeding gums
  • Call the vet as quickly as possible
  • Check that it is not bleeding
  • See if it breathes faster than normal
  • Just clean superficial wounds with water and an antiseptic soap.
  • In the event that you must contain a bleed, apply pressure with a clean towel and take him quickly to the vet.
  • Don’t try to splint a broken bone
  • Keep the rabbit as comfortable and safe
  • If despite not having visible wounds, swelling, bleeding or broken bones, you notice your rabbit strange, with eyes half open for example, consult your veterinarian as soon as possible.

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