Ragdoll Cat: appearance, character, care, breeding

A breed of indoor cats that is increasingly in demand for its gentle nature

The Ragdol l cat is a North American breed appreciated for its docile nature, beautiful colourpoint fur and deep blue eyes. Let’s find out all about this kitty and how it can be educated.

Ragdoll Cat: A nice and tame housecat

The word ‘Ragdoll’  literally means ‘rag doll‘, but in America many also know it as the name of a breed of cats, also known by the nickname ‘Cherub’.

It is no coincidence, in fact, that this beautiful cat of North American selection is particularly appreciated especially by families with children and other pets.

His temperament is extremely docile, affable and meek. It relates well to all members of the family and loves to abandon himself in the arms of his master just like a puppet.

Ragdoll cat: the story

The story of the Ragdoll cat begins in 1965 in Riverside, California, more precisely in the home of Mrs. Anne Baker. Legend has it that it was she who selected the breed by patiently crossing her mild cat, perhaps of the Angora breed and named Josephine, with a Colourpoint or Burmese cat , but the exact breed is not known.

What is certain is that the litters that led to the Ragdoll were derived from 3 ‘progenitor’ cat breeds: Daddy Warbucks, progenitor of the Mitted variety ; Buckwheat,  which gave rise to the Colourpoint variety; Fugianna , a two-colored female.

It was only 10 years later, in 1975, that Mrs Baker was able to officially patent the new breed bred in the Raggedy Ann Ragdolls kennel . The first examples of Ragdolls were purchased by Dayton spouses, to whom we owe the dissemination of the Ragdoll breed all over the world.

But what care does it need and what kind of education should be given to this beautiful blue-eyed cat? Let’s find out together with this complete guide .

Ragdoll appearance and size

The Ragdoll cat is one of the most impressive looking and sized breeds. The hallmark is the blue color of the large oval and oblique eyes that give it an angelic and intriguing expression. The mantle is a beautiful color point that around the neck forms the so-called ruff, a thick fur collar fluffy and even during the summer.

Its gait is graceful and majestic, underlined by the  thick tail always pointing upwards with respect to the line of the back. This posture that allows him to maintain perfect balance even in extreme conditions. The dimensions of the males are medium-large with a weight ranging from 5 to 8 kg, up to 5 kg for the females.

The head is broad and slightly triangular, the features gentle and rounded, the voice sweet. The muzzle is quite long, with a pronounced chin. The legs are massive and muscular, longer in the back.

The Ragdoll’s coat deserves a special mention. It is, in fact, particularly soft and compact, uniform both on the back and on the boots and on the ears, long or semi-long depending on the variety. The presence of an inverted white ‘V’ placed right between the eyes is one of the signs of the purity of the breed.

The colors of the hair can be summarized in these shades: seal, blue, red, cream, chicolate, liliac, linx or tabby. There are specimens with gloves (white tips of the legs), streaked or spotted with white. The average lifespan of a Ragdoll cat is typically 15-18 years.

Ragdoll character and upbringing

The Ragdoll is a particularly affectionate and docile breed of cat. It is predisposed to physical contact, especially with his loved ones and prefers a quiet life, without noise or confusion. It is a perfect house cat and can live with other cats or dogs as long as they are not overly ‘outgoing’.

It loves to spend most of their time indoors and it never aggressive nature tends to make them seem a bit lazy and too homely.

Despite its sweetness and mildness, the Ragdoll is a very intelligent cat even if it is almost never able to draw claws. It trusts the members of her family a lot and loves to indulge in their arms just like a rag doll. Be careful not to hurt his susceptibility: It is very touchy and offends themselves to the point of spending whole days in absolute secrecy!

The only care that must be observed in every phase of this cat’s life is to never let them lack company and physical contact. It would never, ever endure loneliness or a stingy owner of cuddles.

As far as nutrition is concerned, it will be advisable to always maintain a balanced diet. It is a voracious cat, never full, who especially loves dry food and … small ‘thefts’ from the table. Therefore, do not allow him to taste your meal and always keep the scales within reach to check the weight and prevent the strong tendency of this cat to gain weight.

Ragdoll price

The price of Ragdoll kittens ranges from 950.21 to 1068.99 USD, with small variations that depend above all on the color, descent, purity of the breed and the health of the cat. Lower prices are likely in the face of dubious pedigrees.

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