Pyometra in female dogs and cats

There is an invisible danger that can affect our cats and dogs, and it is pyometra. This is a disease caused by the attack of a bacterium, and it has a peculiarity. That is to hit only the four-legged female. The infection has a greater chance of manifesting itself in the period following the season during which dogs and cats give birth to their puppies, and kidney failure is among the most frequent serious consequences. Which can also lead to death. Pyometra originates from the thickening of the glands of the uterus, resulting in the opening of the uterine cervix during the mating season.

This ensures that the entry of bacteria is favored. The same then take root and continue to remain inside the cervix even after its closure. An effective method to combat this disease that should not be underestimated is the sterilization of female dogs and cats that will not be subjected to mating.

Pyometra, how to recognize and treat it in female dogs and cats

Pyometra manifests itself in two different types: one that more directly concerns the open cervix, and another that makes itself known with the same closed. On the occasion of the first event, there is an accumulation of pus inside with leakage from the genitals of the animal. Otherwise the exudate of necrotic residues and bacteria remains incubated inside. This is precisely the more dangerous of the two eventualities, also because there are no external symptoms that can be perceived by the owner of the four-legged dog in question. Everything happens inside the animal’s body. In case of prolonged lethargy, nausea, loss of appetite or dehydration, as well as excessive thirst and frequent urination, these can be signs to be taken into consideration.

Prolonging these symptoms typically requires an immediate visit to the vet. Also because, as they say, prevention is better than cure and both pyometra and other diseases can be countered and even eradicated, if you act in time. For now, there is only one possible solution in this case, and it consists in the removal of the uterus and ovaries of the animal, with a long recovery based on antibiotics and drips. In animals, there are several symptoms that can indicate if something is not going as it should. Among these is also their way of sleeping.

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