Protein Rich Foods for Persian Cat

Fish in Persian Cat’s Diet

Fish being less rich than meat, it is an excellent food for the Persian cat. Also, it is rich in vitamin A and D and iodine.

However, it represents a  real danger  because of the arteries. Don’t think your cat will know how to sort.

He can do this when it comes to the bones of very small fish that he could catch himself on the edge of a stream – if he ever agrees to get his paw wet – or if it is a question of a  very large  bone that looks more like a bone.

It is especially those of medium-sized fish such as  carp  that put it in unnecessary danger.

Sardines, tuna, salmon are delicacies for your Persian cat. Give it to him, but don’t overdo it.

The kitten will love fish but it is not rich enough to fix the lime salts which are  essential to it .

On the other hand, it is advisable to give your Persian cat twice a month a spoonful of cod oil .

Your veterinarian will advise you on this. You can also give him sardine oil or soybean oil .

Poultry in Persian Cat’s Diet

All  poultry  is good but on condition that it is well cooked.

You must avoid giving him bones which could break by making splinters in the shape of an arrowhead and perforating his intestine: do not forget it, the Persian has a fragile intestine .

Eggs in Persian Cat’s Diet

The egg is a food of great  nutritional value . We rarely think of giving it to our cat, while the cat digests it very well.

For the Persian cat, it is important to swallow food that will lubricate its digestive system. Give him one egg per week, following the advice of the veterinarian.

You can give him a whole egg. He can take it cooked or raw, alone or  mixed with milk .

You can also mix it with  minced meat . It will all depend on your Persian cat’s diet.

Milk in Persian Cat’s Diet

The  mother’s milk  is the basis of the kitten’s food: it ensures good growth but will grow.

It will have to be supplemented with foods that will allow your Persian cat to become a beautiful cat with shiny hair, and not fluffy.

The benefits of condensed milk are discussed. Some breeders give it diluted with spring water, but others point out that it is not suitable for young Persian cats because of the  fragility of their intestines .

It is best to avoid any sweet food, because  sugar  is a real  poison  for the Persian cat.

Butter derivatives, on the other hand, are safe. You can give him yogurt, butter in small quantities,  buttermilk.  The Persian cat needs to consume this kind of fat for its coat.

Cheese in Persian Cat’s Diet

Few cats turn away from cheese, some even prefer it to milk, and it’s not uncommon for a cat to become a  cheese gourmet .

So don’t be surprised if your Persian cat neglects camembert and prefers  goat cheese  or  blue cheese  !

But don’t get carried away by his preferences and only give him cheese as a supplement, as a treat, and in reasonable amounts. Your Persian cat, although very civilized, is a  carnivore .

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