Proper nutrition of medium-sized dogs

The nutrition of medium-sized dogs is essential to ensure good performance in the daily routine.

Nutrition is a fundamental element that affects your dog’s health. For this reason, it is always right to offer him high quality food, rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. Depending on the age, size and type of life, the diet can change a lot. So, what should be the correct nutrition of medium-sized dogs ?

The nutritional values ​​of baby food and feeds vary according to the level and quality of the ingredients with which they are prepared. If you have a medium sized dog, you will need to do everything to ensure that it eats properly. Only in this way will you have a strong, healthy pet with a longer life expectancy. Today we talk about the nutrition of medium-sized dogs.

Medium-sized dogs

The specimens that fall into this group generally have a weight between 10 and 30 kilos . Many of them carry out specific activities and jobs, which makes their diet even more important.

In addition, they often share interesting physical characteristics beyond size. Such as, for example, the musculature or the length of the legs.

That’s why a dog of this size needs to be specially fed. The nutrition of medium-sized dogs is essential to ensure these good performance in the daily routine.

Therefore, a diet designed for smaller or much larger animals will be inadequate.

These pets need a particular daily intake . And which, obviously, is prepared for them by nutritionists who are experts in this field.

Dogs, like humans, have a variable and subjective physiology. Thus, feeding each individual the same way may not meet their specific needs.

Following this concept, the consumption of proteins, carbohydrates, sugars and other essential elements that make up their daily meals must be regulated .

We are talking about foods that will help keep their body strong and in balance, removing the possibility of digestive problems or complications.

Why is feeding medium-sized dogs special?

Logically, medium-sized dogs consume more food than small dogs and less than large dogs . It is good to keep these animals in a garden or yard, where they can develop their muscles and keep fit.

However, in most cases, modern life and a sedentary lifestyle often leads these animals to have excessive weight. 

The diet and feed designed for these animals are used to replace, supplement or correct any imbalances of a do-it-yourself diet .

On top of that, a proper diet improves their body’s overall health. For example, they promote blood circulation, make the coat thicker and shinier. Furthermore, as a general rule, it is best to feed him only twice a day.

The ideal amount of food depends a lot on the weight and the work the dog does during the day. An animal between 10 and 15 pounds requires a little more than 190 grams of food per day. The heavier ones can receive up to about 385 grams.

Keep in mind that puppies and juveniles should be given larger portions and more often. It is a consequence of the fact that they are more active animals and the metabolism still works at full speed.

Some medium-sized dog foods

In this list we will show you some recommended products for feeding medium-sized dogs. Their preparation is based on the needs of their organism and they adapt to almost all breeds.

  • Purina PRO Plan : the PRO line of this famous brand allows you to meet all your pet’s needs in a single feed. Taking advantage of Optihealth technology , this food is great for the dog’s health and fur.
  • Royal Canin Medium Adult : Another world famous brand. Its formula ensures the administration of the necessary nutrients every day. It also contains Omega-3s , which improve the condition of the dog’s skin and help keep him in excellent shape.
  • True Instinc High Meat : a product elaborated with a greater quantity of animal proteins than vegetable ones. Some vegetables with a high fiber content have also been added to the mixture, which will aid digestion and evacuation.
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