Problems due to not training the dogs properly

A dog that has received a bad education is a dog that is violent with you and with other animals, a dog that is not very faithful and that tends to be disobedient and rebellious . He will continually try to get your attention to have a treat, to be stroked or to take him out to play.

However, this problem does not only concern the animal, but its owners who have too permissive attitudes towards it.

Giving a dog a bad education can have very negative consequences both within the private environment and in the public one.

Below we will show you some signs to help you discover the problems that arise from a wrong education in dogs , so that you can change these behaviors and make coexistence easier.

What are the signs of rudeness in a dog?

A rude dog is usually owned by mum or dad – those who treat their four-legged friend like a slightly hairier human baby. They can’t think of a dog as a dog.

The problems that arise can range from harassing and irritating other people or other dogs to attacking them aggressively. If the necessary measures are not taken in time, the consequences could be very serious.

In general, rude dog owners tend to be emotionally weak, unable to set boundaries and enforce imposed rules.

Since there is no real attempt to try to organize an orderly routine for the dog, there will be no predisposition in the animal to set obedience as a lifestyle.

Another cause is that the owner tries to reason with the dog . Dogs don’t think like us humans, they don’t feel guilty like us, they don’t know language as we do.

However, lessons can be taught to correct these pets just as we do for humans.

It happens very often to see dog owners trying to teach them to behave well by using a whole series of tactics such as long lectures, skipping dinner or other punishments.

Yet these kinds of lessons rarely serve to erase rudeness from dogs. In this sense it is important that the dog learns, identifies and learns to obey different rules.

Other things to keep in mind

Everything revolves around the needs of the dog

Big mistake. This type of belief aggravates the behavior not only of the animal, but also of the rest of the family members by 100%.

Avoid creating this type of situation and remember: your dog is still an animal.

What about the dog’s feelings?

Educating a dog doesn’t mean canceling his life. In other words, a little discipline is not synonymous with torture , quite the contrary. It all depends on how the rules apply.

First of all, don’t act cruel and don’t shout, it’s useless. The best thing is to train them from an early age , so that they can identify themselves with the rules right away.

The Owners feel guilty

It is not uncommon that when it comes to being impassive with their pets , owners feel overwhelmed by a sense of guilt that grips their hearts.

These types of people, when their dogs don’t obey, take the easy way out by justifying their dog or using too cruel training and discipline as an excuse.

Here is another serious mistake. Believing that dogs are like humans is one of the reasons these animals often engage in aggressive or temperamental behavior.

There is a tendency to give attention to the dog

It is right for owners to care for their animals and be attentive to their needs, but within the right limits. Excesses are always negative.

Dogs that tend to be showered with praise, spoiled and protected too much usually become rude and temperamental. This foments aggression in some specimens and competition between dogs.

But it is possible to foresee all this, and if you want to be a good boss, taking leadership does not necessarily mean being aggressive and authoritarian . Everything is based on patience and knowing how to set limits.

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