Oriental Longhair cat care: from grooming to bathing

The care of the Oriental Longhair, everything related to hygiene and daily grooming up to the bath of this feline breed.

First and foremost it is the cat who takes obsessive care of his body and his hair and then it is up to us to take care of him in order to see his coat shine.

For many passionate feline owners, a coat that draws everyone’s attention no matter how voluminous, soft and shimmering is a matter of pride.

The cat treats it as if it were its most precious jewel and the Oriental Longhair cat also assumes the same attitude. Instead, let’s see what we can do to take care of the Oriental Longhair.

Care of the coat of the Oriental Longhair

The Oriental Longhair is a medium-sized cat with a slender but muscular body and a medium-long coat.

The Oriental Longhair has a hair that rarely tangles or tends to form a sort of mat and is easy to manage, a weekly brushing will suffice.

The Oriental Longhair comes with a silky coat and in multiple colors. Furthermore, it is a breed that does not shed a lot, except during the cat’s moulting periods which occur twice a year.

During the spring, after the winter season when the sun is not very present and the nights are longer.

The second takes place in autumn, after the summer period. The purpose of this shedding is to adapt the cat’s coat according to the season: dense to protect it from the cold in winter and lighter in summer.

Let’s not forget that nutrition also contributes a lot to determining the beauty of the Oriental Longhair‘s coat.

The administration of feeds with a high intake of vitamins are useful in avoiding excessive loss of hair.

Offering cat fish is also a good alternative as it contains omega 3 fatty acids which give the coat strength and shine.

If you want to know more about the nutrition of the Oriental Longhair, in this article you will find a complete in-depth study.

The ideal brush for the long hair of the Oriental Longhair

For the brushing of the Oriental Longhair you need different accessories for each grooming phase, such as:

  • The comb: to eliminate possible knots;
  • stiff bristle brush : with the tip protected by small dots. Useful for brushing the long hair of the cat but without causing damage to the skin of the animal;
  • soft bristle brush : made with long, soft and dense bristles. Useful to eliminate dust and anything else stuck to the hair.

Hygiene and cleanliness of the Oriental Longhair cat

Even if the Oriental Longhair does not always need a bath, certainly one cannot help but intervene to complete its hygiene.

Although the Oriental Longhair rarely needs a bath but be careful not to use soap or shampoo that is not suitable for the feline’s skin .

Products purely for human use could irritate the cat’s skin and cause dermatitis.

Fortunately, today it is possible to buy excellent specific products for the hygiene of our pets. The same care must be taken regarding the drying of the coat.

It is necessary to avoid using the hair dryer so as not to scare the Oriental Longhair and dry it instead with a soft towel without rubbing it but dabbing it gently.

However, as we have previously mentioned, the Oriental Longhair does not require frequent baths and therefore it is possible to clean and perfume it with fantastic and alternative practices , such as:

  • wipes : cleaning, soaked and perfumed wipes suitable for cats. An excellent alternative to clean any part of the cat’s body;
  • dry foam shampoo: it is distributed on dry hair and then remove it with a cloth and brush. As you can guess from the name itself, it does not require water.

Totally different speech regarding the hygiene of the cat’s body, in particular of the ears, mouth and nails.

In this case, the owner of the Oriental Longhair will have to take care of it , as in these delicate points the cat either does not get there with his tongue to clean himself or is not able. That’s why armed with so much patience you will have to clean up:

  • cat’s ears : check them periodically to avoid the accumulation of secretions and not to develop infections and skin disorders;
  • oral hygiene: use sanitizing creams for teeth or brushes for cats, products easily available in pet shops. Oral hygiene is essential as mouth diseases can in some cases lead to the death of the cat, if you do not intervene in time;
  • Cleaning and trimming of the nails : shortening the nails of the cat is important, as it prevents the cat from getting hurt and hurt.

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