Nutrition of the Siamese Cat: food, quantity, frequency of meals

What nutrients cannot be missing in the perfect diet for the Siamese cat? Here’s what to know about this breed’s ideal diet.

Providing your friend with healthy and balanced foods is the first step in ensuring that his life is long and healthy. Let’s find out how to plan a perfect diet for the Siamese cat, from the ideal doses of food to the frequency of meals.

Nutrition of the Siamese cat: doses and frequency of meals

What are the daily quantities of baby food that the specimens of this breed should take?

This is a question that must be answered in order to be able to identify the ideal diet for the Siamese cat.

However, it would be wise to do this with the help of your vet. In fact, there are some factors that can affect your cat’s recommended daily amounts of food.

Among these, for example, are his lifestyle and state of health. In general, however, the dose of wet should be calculated by multiplying each kg of the cat’s body weight by 40 grams.

The amount of dryness, on the other hand, should be obtained by dividing this figure by 3.

How often to feed the Siamese? You can choose to do this twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, or to divide his daily ration into small snacks, to be given to him throughout the day.

What to feed the Siamese cat

What nutrients should never be lacking in the ideal diet of the Siamese cat?

Since these are domestic cats, it is essential to provide them with an adequate amount of protein of animal origin.

From meat and fish, in fact, cats take essential substances for the well-being of their organism, which they are unable to produce independently.

These are vitamins such as niacin, cobalamin and thiamine, which are essential for the proper functioning of the nervous and immune systems.

Pay attention to the foods given to the Siamese: the specimens of this breed have a very delicate stomach.

Therefore, it is essential to vary between dry, wet and homemade food, categorically avoiding dishes intended for human consumption or excessively fatty foods.

Home or industrial nutrition for the Siamese cat

Finally, we just have to answer one last question to identify the perfect diet for the Siamese cat: is it better the way of preparing meals at home, or the industrial one?

In reality, there is no single answer to our question. Much depends on our habits and those of the cat.

The home diet is more demanding because it requires us to take care of the preparation of the cat’s meals, from the purchase of raw materials to their cooking.

This is an option that allows us to carefully choose quality ingredients, but it must be implemented with the help of the veterinarian.

Otherwise, in fact, the feline could face nutritional deficiencies that are very dangerous for its well-being.

Industrial nutrition, on the other hand, involves the purchase of products for the cat directly from the shelves of pet shops.

This is a faster and more convenient way, but it is essential to pay close attention to the chosen foods, looking at the ingredients and the nutritional table on the back of the package.

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