Nutrition of the Selkirk Rex Longhair Cat: quantity, foods and meal frequency

Nutrition of the Selkirk Rex Longhair, the secrets of a perfect physical shape thanks to an adequate diet for this wonderful breed of cat.

Knowing your cat’s eating habits is important, as a healthy and correct diet allows your four-legged friend to live a healthy life with a shiny appearance.

This is why in this article we are going to specifically describe the feeding of the Selkirk Rex Longhair, the frequency of meals and the doses appropriate to the breed.

What to feed the Selkirk Rex Longhair

Each breed has different characteristics that need equally different attention. Let’s see which ones.

The foods that the Selkirk Rex Longhair can benefit from are generally the same as any other cat and therefore there is a consumption mainly of meat and animal proteins, without however totally excluding carbohydrates and fats.

When feeding Selkirk Rex Longhair and for all other felines, the order of nutritional values ​​to be administered at each meal must be:

  • proteins for cats: basic as they are useful for the formation and maintenance of muscles, other tissues, blood but also for the regeneration and conservation of body cells and tissues.
  • fats: a necessary source of energy and are mainly responsible for the transport of substances in the body as well as for the support and development of the joints and the nervous system;
  • carbohydrates: immediate source of energy to face a sudden effort such as a run, a chase, an escape, a sudden stress etc.
  • minerals: essential for the development and maintenance of tissues;
  • vitamins for cats: useful for keeping the immune system strong and healthy. However, it is necessary to use it appropriately, perhaps by contacting the veterinarian.

All these values ​​can be found in the feeds sold in specialized pet products stores.

With these foods it will be possible to offer a complete and balanced meal to your Selkirk Rex Longhair.

In fact, there are many owners who prefer to use dry food but just as many are those who love to prepare recipes for cats with fresh products.

The foods that can be used for any recipes for cats are:

  • chicken, turkey, beef;
  • salmon, tuna, trout, mackerel;
  • liver, lungs, heart, stomach, etc.;
  • fresh fruit and vegetables;
  • fermented milk products, probiotics;
  • vitamin and mineral supplements.

Experts advise to alternate dry and humic food and in any case to avoid an excess of nourishment or any deficiencies.

Nutrition of Selkirk Rex Longhair: doses and frequency of meals

The Selkirk Rex Longhair is a medium-sized cat with a muscular build, so the amount of food must be adequate for its needs.

As previously mentioned, each breed and more specifically each specimen requires a specific amount of food for its physical activity, age, gender, health and lifestyle.

Frequency of meals and especially the doses can hardly be similar for all cat breeds.

In the specific case of Selkirk Rex Longhair, experts recommend to administer starting from the first months of the cat’s life with 3 and 4 servings a day, from 25 to 30 grams each.

Then moving on to consume 160 grams of wet food or dry food (croquettes) every day.

After 7 years, the diet of the elderly cat must be adapted to his needs, in order to guarantee him a state of good health.

Obviously these are general and generalized indications, in order to best meet the needs of your cat it is necessary, as previously indicated, to take into account the lifestyle, age and state of health of your cat.

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