Nutrition of the Scottish Fold Longhair Cat: food, quantity and frequency of meals

Nutrition of the Scottish Fold Longhair, everything you need to know to ensure a healthy and long life for your cat.

The Scottish Fold Longhair is a medium-sized cat of Scottish origins, weighing between 4/6 kg. It has a medium bone covered with good musculature, has a robust but rounded appearance.

Its ears are folded forward and this feature is joined by large round eyes, which give it a very tender appearance.

Precisely because of its rounded appearance, a careful and very followed diet is necessary in order to prevent its soft and rounded being from becoming excessive weight.

Let’s see what foods your Scottish Fold Longahair cat needs and how much it needs to eat.

What to feed the Scottish Fold Longhair

When you proceed with the adoption of a purebred cat, very often you do not know the right diet for the animal.

The foods that the Scottish Fold Longhair needs are no different from those of other cat breeds. In fact, like all other cats, his meals must contain the following foods:

  • Meat: Meat is a source of fat and protein for cats and is an important part of the Scottish Fold Longhair’s diet. Animal proteins are basic as they are useful for the formation and maintenance of muscles, other tissues, blood but also for the regeneration and conservation of body cells and flesh tissues;
  • cereals: they have a good nutritional supply, an immediate source of energy to face a sudden effort such as a run, a chase, an escape, a sudden stress etc. However, they may not be frowned upon by the cat and may reject them. For this reason it will be enough to cook rice, buckwheat or oatmeal with a little meat or in fish broth;
  • vegetables : vegetables are important for growth, provide the right nutrients for health and strength;
  • vitamins for cats: only if recommended by the veterinarian, the cat can take supplements, as in addition to food, minerals and vitamins also play an important role in its health but only if necessary. In fact, they are useful for keeping the immune system strong and healthy. However, it is necessary to use it appropriately, perhaps by contacting the veterinarian;
  • water: make sure you constantly refill the water bowl, it must always be fresh to entice the cat to drink.

We keep in mind that the Scottish Fold Longhair is a glutton and will not know how to regulate himself. Therefore we avoid overdoing the portions and do not give in to his requests.

Therefore it is better to divide the meals into small portions to offer him during the day. Of course, without ever lacking a little physical movement that is necessary if not fundamental.

The Scottish Fold Longhair more than others need to move in order not to get heavy. It will therefore be necessary to enrich the environment with games, shelves and scratching posts for cats.

Nutrition of the Scottish Fold Longhair: doses and frequency of meals

The Scottish Fold Longhair is a medium-sized cat with a strong, rounded build.

It should be emphasized that the Scottish Fold Longhair must be given well-rationed food, to avoid accentuating its roundness, thus adapting its diet according to age, health, sex and weight.

Generally the Scottish Fold Longhair needs, daily, about 70-80 kcal of food per kg of body weight.

Experts recommend feeding meals based on the cat’s age, i.e. starting with 3 and 4 servings per day of 25 to 30 grams each in the cat’s first months of life. Then moving on to consume 160 grams of wet food every day.

However, it is good to remember that these limits are not rigid, but can undergo variations in the event of a sedentary lifestyle, life at home, frequent outdoor activities or in the presence of metabolic diseases.

In any case, it is advisable to ask your trusted veterinarian before changing your cat’s diet.

If we want to use dry food, i.e. croquettes, we must divide this result by 3 obtaining 160gr: 3 = about 55gr. This general dose, as already mentioned, changes according to various factors and characteristics.

A separate discussion must be made for cats over 7 years of age and who are considered elderly. Generally we proceed with the same feeding of the Scottish Fold Longhair adult cat with some precautions related to health and little movement.

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