Nutrition of the Oriental Shorthair Cat: food, quantity, frequency of meals

Let’s find out what is the ideal diet for the Oriental Shorthair, so that the cat stays strong, energetic and healthy.

Planning a balanced, nutritious and healthy diet for our four-legged friend is the first way to ensure the cat’s well-being and serenity. Are you wondering what the perfect Oriental Shorthair diet consists of? In this article we see everything you need to know about it, from doses and times of the day in which to administer the baby food, to the tastiest and wholesome foods for the furry dog.

Ideal nutrition of the Oriental Shorthair: food and frequency of meals

To plan the perfect nutrition of the Orental Shorthair, it is essential to know how much and when to feed the cat.

The best advice is to identify the ideal doses for the cat with the help of the veterinarian, who will evaluate the daily ration based on parameters such as age, health and lifestyle of the animal.

In general, to know how many grams of kibble to give to the furry dog, you should multiply 40 for each kg of body weight of the four-legged.

Once the figure is obtained, simply divide it by 3, also obtaining the recommended amount of wet food.

Experts recommend feeding the cat twice a day: once in the morning and once in the evening. Alternatively, you can divide the daily dose of food for your cat, giving him small snacks throughout the day.

What to feed the Oriental Shorthair

Finally, we just have to find out which foods can not miss in the ideal diet of the Oriental Shorthair.

Being an obligate carnivore, this cat should mainly consume proteins of animal origin.

In particular, the four-legged diet should be based on the intake of meat, including chicken, beef, turkey and lamb.

Less frequently we will also be able to feed the pelosetto fish, such as plaice, anchovies and salmon.

These foods, in fact, contain Omega 3 and Omega 6, essential for the health and well-being of the cat. Not only that: from them the cat draws essential nutrients that its body is unable to synthesize by itself.

Depending on your needs, you can choose for your Oriental Shorthair a homemade diet or based on the administration of industrial foods.

In the first case, it will be up to you to select and cook meals for the cat. The advantages of this meal plan are represented by the freshness and quality of the food.

In any case, it is a more demanding operation and which, if not carried out with the help of a veterinarian, could cause nutritional deficiencies in the animal.

Alternatively, you will find ready-made foods on the shelves of supermarkets and specialty stores, containing all the essential nutrients for the well-being of your Oriental Shortair.

Of course, it is good to read the nutritional table on the back of the package, to check the quality and composition of the chosen foods.

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