Nutrition of the Minuet Longhair Cat: food, doses and frequency of meals

Let’s find out what is the ideal nutrition of the Minuet Longhair, examining recommended quantities and essential nutrients for the breed.

Planning in detail the diet of your four-legged friend is essential to ensure that his life is long and healthy. What are the most suitable foods? What is the best time of day to feed the cat? Here is the answer to these and other questions about the perfect nutrition for the Minuet Longhair.

Nutrition of the Minuet Longhair: quantity and frequency of meals

How much and when to feed your pet?

The ideal feeding of the Minuet Longhair should take into account the daily ration given to the cat. The target? Satisfy its nutritional needs without the risk of the cat gaining excess weight.

For this, the best advice is to contact the veterinarian, who will identify the best doses for the cat, based on personalized parameters such as age, health status and lifestyle.

In general, the amount of wet food to give to your cat should be 40 grams for each pound of body weight.

Once the figure has been obtained, it can be divided by 3, calculating the ration of kibble ideal for the cat.

When to feed Minuet Longhair? There are two alternatives to choose from. On the one hand, we will be able to do it morning and evening.

On the other hand, however, we can decide to divide the cat’s daily ration into small snacks, to be given to him during the day to ensure that his energies always remain at the highest levels.

What to feed at the Minuet Longhair

Finally, we just have to find out which foods to give to Minuet Longhair so that its nutrition is complete and balanced.

Being an obligate carnivore, this four-legged must necessarily take substantial quantities of meat and, to a lesser extent, fish.

Animal proteins, in fact, are essential in the cat’s diet, because they contain essential substances for its well-being, which the body is unable to produce itself.

Among the other nutrients that the cat must take there are carbohydrates, in minimal quantities, fats, mineral salts, vitamins and water.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose a home diet for the Minuet Longhair, in which it will be up to us to prepare the foods to be administered to the feline.

In this case, it is essential to ask your vet for help to plan a complete and balanced diet. The risk of food shortages, in fact, is just around the corner.

Alternatively, industrial feed can be given to the cat. Of course, it is imperative that you read the nutrition table on the back of the package carefully to make sure you are choosing healthy, top quality products.

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