Nutrition of the Giant of Aphrodite Cat: food, quantity, frequency of meals

Here is the perfect nutrition for the Giant of Aphrodite: which foods to choose, in what quantity and how many hours to feed it.

Carefully and consciously planning a healthy and balanced nutritional regime is the first way to ensure that our furry dog ​​is always healthy and healthy. Let’s find out together which tips to put into practice, to ensure that the diet of our Giant of Aphrodite is really ideal for him.

Nutrition of the Giant of Aphrodite: doses and frequency of meals

To plan a correct diet for the Giant of Aphrodite, it is essential to know how much and how often to feed the cat.

As for the doses, it is good to be careful: the specimens of this breed are predisposed to the accumulation of excess weight.

For this reason, the best advice is to contact the veterinarian, identifying specific quantities for the animal, based on parameters such as sex, age, state of health and lifestyle.

In general, the amount of daily wetness should be found by multiplying each kg of the cat’s body weight by 40 grams.

Once the figure is obtained, simply divide it by 3 to calculate the correct daily dose of kibble.

How often to feed the Giant of Aphrodite? Generally, experts recommend feeding the cat twice a day.

Alternatively, it is possible to divide the cat’s daily ration into small doses, to be administered during the day, even with the help of an automatic kibble dispenser if we are not at home.

What to feed the Giant of Aphrodite?

What are the foods that cannot miss in the diet of the Giant of Aphrodite?

Just like any other domestic feline, this fluffy dog ​​is an obligate carnivore.

This means that the animal needs to take a series of essential nutrients for its well-being through its diet, which its body is unable to produce itself.

These include substances such as niacin and cobalamin, present within proteins of animal origin.

Green light, therefore, for meat and fish, in particular chicken, rabbit, beef, sea bass, salmon and anchovies.

Giant of Aphrodite: home or industrial nutrition?

Finally, we just have to answer one last question: is it better a calinga or industrial diet for the Giant of Aphrodite?

The answer is: it depends. In fact, there is no universally best diet. Conversely, each modality has advantages and disadvantages.

Home nutrition allows you to choose with greater care and awareness the ingredients to administer to our little dog, making sure that we personally take care of the various stages of preparation of his food.

However, it is a type of diet that takes time and effort. Furthermore, the risk of food shortages is around the corner. For this reason, it is essential to contact the veterinarian in its planning.

The alternative involves the administration of ready-made feeds, available on the shelves of supermarkets or specialized shops.

In this case, it is essential to check the quality of the ingredients by looking at the nutritional table on the back of the package.

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