Nutrition of Ragmuffin Cat: food, quantity, frequency of meals

What nutrients cannot be missing in the Ragamuffin’s ideal diet? Here is what to feed the specimens of this breed.

Planning a complete and balanced diet is one of the first steps that allows us to make sure that our four-legged friend is always energetic and healthy. Let’s find out what is the perfect diet for Ragamuffin, identifying the most nutritious foods and the right quantities for this little furry dog.

Nutrition of Ragamuffin: doses and frequency of meals

When and how much to feed the specimens of this breed?

As for quantities, the ideal would be to ask your veterinarian for advice.

The perfect dose of food for your four-legged friend, in fact, should be identified by taking into consideration a series of factors such as age, lifestyle and health of the cat.

Generally, the ration of wet food should be calculated by multiplying each kg of body weight of the cat by 40 grams.

To obtain the quantity of dry food, simply divide the obtained figure by 3.

Pay attention to the doses of food: the specimens of this breed are at risk of being overweight. They tend to be sedentary and not very active, in fact, if their diet is not rigorous and healthy they could accumulate excess pounds.

When to feed Ragamuffin? In general, it is recommended that you feed your pet cat twice a day, morning and evening.

To keep his energy levels constant, however, we can decide to give him small rations of baby food throughout the day, also using an automatic kibble dispenser if we are away from home.

What to feed Ragamuffin?

What foods can not miss in the Ragamuffin’s ideal diet?

These cats are obligate carnivores: from proteins of animal origin they draw essential nutrients for their well -being, which their organism is unable to produce independently.

For this, their diet must be mainly based on the intake of chicken, beef, turkey, tuna, salmon, blue fish and so on.

To complete it all, there are small doses of fats and carbohydrates, as well as mineral salts, vitamins and water.

Home or industrial food for Ragamuffin?

To plan the perfect diet for our Ragamuffin, we must necessarily decide whether to opt for a home-made or an industrial diet.

What does it mean? In the first case, we will take care of preparing the food for the cat, at every stage.

In fact, we will think about the selection of raw materials, and then cook them according to the cooking methods that we consider most functional.

The advantages of this mode are numerous: first of all, we know exactly what ends up in the cat’s bowl.

However, this type of feeding for Ragamuffin requires time and energy available. Furthermore, if not properly planned it can cause nutritional deficiencies in the cat.

For this reason, it is always advisable to contact the veterinarian, identifying a home food plan that is healthy and balanced.

Do you want to find out the information to know about the health of Ragamuffin? Check out this article where you will find everything you need to know about it.

Alternatively, we can buy the feed for our furry dog ​​directly from the supermarket shelves, ready and complete with all the nutrients the feline needs.

In this case, however, it is essential to read the nutritional table and the ingredients of the cat’s food, to make sure of the actual quality of the chosen product.

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