Nutrition of Ojos Azules Cat: food, quantity and frequency of meals

Here’s how to plan the perfect nutrition for our Ojos Azules: all the nutrients that cannot be missing and the right quantities.

Providing a healthy and balanced diet to our four-legged friend is essential to guarantee him a long and peaceful life. Let’s find out everything there is to know about the nutrition of Ojos Azules.

Nutrition of Ojos Azules: quantity and frequency of meals

To identify the perfect nutrition of the Ojos Azules we need to know how much our four-legged friend should eat.

The ideal feeding doses should be determined by the vet, based on a number of parameters such as the feline’s age, lifestyle and health conditions.

In general, the amount of wetness should be equal to 40 grams for each kg of the animal’s weight.

After obtaining this figure, simply divide it by three to identify the dose of dry food to be allocated to the little dog.

What is the ideal time of day to feed the cat? It is recommended to do this twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

In this way, we will not risk that the four-legged one will wake us up hungry in the middle of the night, demanding his ration of food.

Another option is to feed food at regular intervals to keep the feline’s energy levels constant.

In this case, it will be sufficient to divide his daily dose into small portions, also administering them with the help of an automatic food dispenser.

What to feed the cat

Like any other feline, the Ojos Azules is an obligate carnivore.

This means that the cat needs to take mainly proteins of animal origin, from which it draws essential substances for the correct functioning of its organism.

Among the essential nutrients for the well-being of the cat there are, for example, thiamin, cobalamin and niacin, which regulate the work of the nervous and immune systems of the animal.

Green light, therefore, for the administration of meat and fish: chicken, beef, turkey, sea bass, tuna and salmon.

Home or industrial nutrition for Ojos Azules?

Finally, we just have to establish one last parameter to plan the ideal diet of Ojos Azules: is it better a home or industrial diet?

In reality, the answer depends on a number of considerations. In fact, it will be up to us to find the best modality that best suits our needs.

The home diet requires more time and energy, because it requires us to take care of the complete preparation of the cat’s meals, from the purchase of the ingredients to their cooking.

In this case, the advice of the veterinarian is indispensable. A poorly planned home diet, in fact, could cause nutritional deficiencies in the cat, causing health problems.

Do you want to find out all about the common diseases to which Ojos Azules is predisposed? Check out this article to find out more.

The industrial diet, on the other hand, provides for the administration of ready-made feeds to the feline, purchased directly from the shelves of specialized stores.

In this case, examining the composition of the product is essential to make sure it is nutritious and of quality.

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