Nebelung Cat care: from grooming to hygiene

The care of the Nebelung cat and everything related to hygiene and daily grooming up to the bath of this feline breed.

The grooming of the cat has a fundamental role for the well-being and health of the animal.

This is why it is important to get used to brushing since it is a puppy and also try to have some regularity.

In order to ensure good hygiene and total care of the cat, it must be the owner who has to intervene.

In this article we will deal specifically with the care of the Nebelung cat.

Nebelung cat care

The Nebelung cat is a medium-sized feline with a muscular, agile body and a wonderful coat.

This breed is native to the United States and Russia, has a medium-length, soft, fine and thick coat.

The coat of the Nebelung cat is silver-grey and sparkling and in order to keep it in excellent condition it is advisable to brush it every day.

What also affects the health and beauty of the coat is nutrition. Being able to offer the Nebelung feed with a high intake of vitamins means avoiding excessive hair loss.

Even for those who prefer to feed their Nebelung cat with fresh products, it is necessary to include fish that contains omega 3 fatty acids in the cat’s diet, which give the coat strength and shine.

To know more about Nebelung cat nutrition, in this article you will find a complete in-depth study.

The ideal brushes for the Nebelung cat’s coat

For brushing the Nebelung cat, we start with the wide-toothed comb to untangle any knots, then move on to the slanator, brushing first the belly, then the paws and finally the back, that is the area where there is a greater loss of hair.

Finally we proceed with the rubber glove for cats, in order to eliminate the residual fur still present, taking care to pass it gently also on the tail, from the base to the end.

Hygiene and cleanliness of the Nebelung cat

It might seem unnecessary but to complete the hygiene of the Nebelung cat, a bath cannot be missing.

The Nebelung cat, despite having a wonderful medium-long coat, should only be washed if strictly necessary.

It is necessary to use purely specific products for the hygiene of cats.

On sale in specialized stores you can find products such as: cat shampoos, soaps and creams.

Even the drying of the Nebelung cat’s coat must be done in a delicate way, trying to avoid noisy hair dryers that can scare the animal.

The use of a soft towel will allow you to gently pat the fur without irritating the cat’s skin.

However, there are practical and quick alternatives to avoid bathing and do it only in cases of extreme dirt.

These alternatives are the cleaning, soaked and scented wipes suitable for cats and the dry foam shampoo that does not require water.

As for personal hygiene or the cleaning of the ears, mouth and nails, must take place in although every day to prevent the animal can get sick or suffer infections, secretions of the cat’s mouth diseases or even injured with his own nails.

Precisely for the nails we must make a separate speech, since it will not be an action that the cat will let you do with tranquility and could injure you or get hurt, so it is better to contact the grooming experts or the veterinarian.

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