Nebelung Cat: appearance, character, care, breeding

Nebelung Cat appearance, character, care, breeding
Nebelung Cat: appearance, character, care, breeding

Fruit of the work of breeders who wanted the rebirth of the Russian Blue breed with medium long hairs, the Nebelung cat, or “creature of the mists”, is recognized by its calm, cuddly and mysterious character. 

It adapts perfectly to a family environment, as long as this family is not too agitated or stressed. Its physical characteristics make the Nebelung a muscular and thin-boned cat at the same time.

The origins of the Nebelung Cat

To make reappear the Russian Blue with medium-long hairs, a race which almost disappeared at the beginning of the 20th century, breeders undertook work from the beginning of the 1980s. From this work, the first two Nebelung, born between 1984 and 1985. This breed was finally recognized in 1990, but remains very rare in Europe.

Appearance of the Nebelung Cat

The physical characteristics of the Nebelung are reflected in a triangular head, a short muzzle with rounded contours, a long and thin neckline, long legs and a dress of a luminous blue.
More precisely, seen from the front, the head of the Nebelung cat is triangular and particularly wide at eye level. 

It is characterized by a vertical line from the tip of the nose to the tip of the chin, a straight line from the tip of the nose to the forehead and a straight line from the forehead to the back of the skull, as well as two straight lines symmetrical (muzzle) and two other symmetrical straight lines for high and wide cheekbones.

Its muzzle is rather short with rounded contours, while its intense green eyes are quite large and nut-shaped. The ears of the Nebelung, covered with short hair on the outside, are high and broad at the base, equidistant from the sides and top of the head.

In addition, its neckline, long and thin, seems larger due to the thickness of the fur.
Its long and elegant body is particularly muscular and matched with a fine frame.
Its legs are long, slender, and well proportioned to its body, while its feet are small and round. 

Finally, its tail, of medium length, is thick at the base and relatively well supplied.

Regarding her coat, the fur comes in a fine undercoat and a thicker guard hair. There is a more visible ruff for males.

Coat color of the Nebelung Cat

The dress is a luminous blue tending towards light tones. At the end, the guard hairs have a silvery color. The pads are dark lilac and the nose is charcoal gray.

The character of the Nebelung Cat

Discreet and shy on the behavioral level, the Nebelung cat, despite its physical characteristics, is also very cuddly and quick-witted, which leaves a large part to its playful character. However, it also appreciates peace and quiet. It will therefore only appreciate very moderately children who are too agitated and prevent them from living in a haven of peace.

It is very affectionate towards its owner and family members. 

It is a feline who will enjoy sharing a daily play session with its human, with whom it loves to spend time. 

This cat likes to spend its days lounging in a cozy place, and enjoying the calm environment to which it is so attached. 

It can be lively and active, but only when it chooses to do so. 

Fearful / suspicious of strangers:
It is rather distant with strangers, but good socialization in its first months of life can compensate for this character trait. 

Very attached to its human and its comfort, it does not appreciate solitude. It will be the perfect pet for someone who has time to spare. 

Behavior of the Nebelung Cat

This cat’s meow is sweet, melodious, and rather inconspicuous. But the character traits are specific to each cat, depending on their personality and their experience. 

Greedy / gluttonous:
This tomcat has a solid appetite which can tend towards overweight if it is not controlled.

Need for exercise:
This lively and active cat needs to exercise daily through play or food stimulation, thanks to interactive bowls. 

Not very adventurous, it much prefers its quiet family life rather than solitary walks in nature. 

Compatibility of the Nebelung Cat

The Nebelung and the Dogs:
If it has heights and the presentations have been well done, it can get along without problem with dogs. 

The Nebelung and the Other cats:
Thanks to its calm and its tolerance, it can live with other cats. By making a good introduction and making sure the environment is suitable for the number of cats, of course. 

The Nebelung and the Children:
Although its playful side will make them enjoy the company of children who are not very boisterous and gentle, it will not feel comfortable in a noisy and hectic environment.  

The Nebelung and the Elderly:
This placid tomcat will be the perfect companion for calm people whose peaceful side and serene lifestyle it will appreciate. 

Price of the Nebelung Cat

On average, the purchase price of a Nebelung kitten in breeding is between 1200 USD and 1700 USD , the price often varying according to the line, the breeding, the age or even the sex. For the monthly budget, it will take an average of 50 USD / month to meet the needs of the Nebelung, by offering them a quality diet and making sure to keep them in good health.

Maintenance of the Nebelung Cat

The silky fur of the Nebelung does not tangle, which does not exempt it from a weekly brushing, in particular to avoid the ingestion of too much hair during its grooming. 

This moment will allow you to check the cleanliness of the eyes and ears of your kitty. 

loss : Hair loss is slightly more important during the moulting period, but it will be regulated by brushing with a metal comb to remove the dead hair. 

Food of the Nebelung Cat

Because of its large appetite, care must be taken to offer them a balanced diet, of good quality and low in fats and sugars.

Caring of the Nebelung Cat

Very easy to maintain, just brush the Nebelung once a week. However, be careful with its fur, which will gain in size if maintenance is more frequent. During periods of molting, care must remain constant.

Health of the Nebelung Cat

Life expectancy:
It is a rather robust cat that can very easily reach 15 years , or even more. 

Resistant / robust:
Its silky fur allows it to withstand the cold quite well.

Tendency to gain
weight  It will tend to be overweight if its diet is not carefully monitored and if it does not exercise enough. 

Frequent diseases:
It is not subject to hereditary pathologies. To date, it has not been the victim of any particular disease. However, as it is a recent breed, it is difficult to be completely sure. 

However, it can contract, like all other domestic felines, all pathogens and pathologies that exist in cats.

Marriage is authorized with Nebelung, but also with Russian Blue, on condition that it is completely blue. 

Good to know

The Nebelung is none other than a Russian Blue with mid-length hair. Its name comes from the German, “nebel”, which means mist and from the fantastic creatures of Germanic legends.

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