Natural remedies for cat mites

Very often we find ourselves facing the problem of parasites in the feline. Let’s see together what are the natural remedies for mites in cats.

Although cats are independent animals, they always need the attention and care of their human. Many people, when their cat does not have a serious disease, look for natural remedies to cure it.

One of the frequent pathologies in felines is the presence of mites on its skin or in its ears. Let’s see together what are the natural remedies for mites in cats.

Mites in cats: what to do and natural remedies

As previously mentioned, mites are parasites and can attack the skin of the feline, they feed on earwax in case they are in the cat’s ear, or blood, in the event that mites are present between the fingers or paws of the cat.

Before treating your cat for mites,you need to be sure that the latter are present. What? Just look at your cat and notice any symptoms such as:

  • Itching in the cat
  • The cat licks itself between the fingers
  • Black liquid in the cat’s ear

In case your furry friend presents any of these symptoms you need to contact a veterinarian. The latter with a careful visit will be able to ascertain the presence of mites or not. In addition, the specialist will be able to tell you if the cat can be treated with natural remedies or if the infection in the cat is so severe that it resorts to a chemical acaricide.

Natural remedies useful for the treatment of mites in the cat are:

Tea tree essential oil

In the event that the cat that is infested with mites and does not have skin wounds due to severe itching, you can apply drops of tea tree essential oil on the affected area. In the event that wounds are present, it is desirable to mix drops of tea tree with a base oil, which can be argan or sweet almonds. It is recommended to apply this oil every day until the symptoms disappear.

Almond oil and vitamin E

Another effective natural remedy for the treatment of mites incats, is the use of almond oil with the addition of vitamin E, easily purchased at the pharmacy. Such drops should be applied to the infested area one day yes and one day no for 6 days.

Corn oil

Corn oil has the characteristic of healing wounds and killing mites, for this reason it is very effective for such treatment. Before applying it with a cotton wool on the affected area, dabbing, it is desirable to clean the wound.

Chopped garlic

It might seem strange but even garlic which is a harmful food for the cat, can help cat in the treatment of mites. Take the garlic chop it and add it in the olive oil very hot and left for there overnight. Then apply drops of oil on the affected area, let it act and remove it with a sterile gauze.

Preventing mites in cats

The only prevention for mites in the cat is antiparasitic treatment. For this reason it is important to take the cat to the vet often. In the event that your cat lives in the house and has no contact with the outside, such treatment can also be carried out only every 3 months. If, on the other hand, your cat loves to walk the streets, it would be advisable to carry out the antiparasitic treatment several times.

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