Natural and holistic veterinary medicine

In this article we will tell you about natural and holistic veterinary medicine . It is a particular type of alternative veterinary medicine that considers the disease as part of a whole and uses only natural treatments. The sick animal is not only followed from a physical point of view, but also from a psychological point of view and in its relationship with the environment and others. Let’s get to know better this type of medicine which, in many countries, is becoming more and more popular.

Particularities of natural and holistic veterinary medicine

Those who treat animals with this method choose an all-encompassing medicine based on prevention . As with humans, there are several possibilities when it comes to preventing health problems.

Traditional medicine is still the most widespread in the world. But more natural and integral methods of treatment can also be sought . In the latter case, natural and holistic veterinary medicine focuses on animals as a whole. And uses, to treat any pathologies, only those elements that are found in nature.

What is it about?

This type of medicine believes that the origin of any disease is due to several factors . Among these, it is possible to distinguish a physical matrix, but also an emotional one, even energetic and environmental.

The goal is to start from “everything” in order to respond to the concrete needs of the various problems, studying each case in particular. And it needs the cooperation of the organism to activate the healing processes within itself. That is to say that it exploits the body’s self-healing abilities , which must be stimulated and triggered.

Its modalities: which one to choose

When choosing natural and holistic veterinary medicine , you need to consider what stage of the disease your pet is in : early diagnosis and prevention, clinical stage and convalescence stage.

In this case, a full diagnosis must be made. This is a very important moment that will be fundamental for the success of the therapies. Based on this analysis, the  most appropriate method of treatment will be chosen to ensure healing. And it is possible that the different types of medicine can sometimes intervene together:

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture : Over 4000 years old. It is based on the activation of the healing power of the organism itself. Use acupuncture, acupressure, Chinese herbs, and even massage techniques.
  • Acupuncture : already used in 113 BC, it is particularly indicated as a method of prevention. It is recommended to treat various functional diseases, such as paralysis, allergies or to treat pain.
  • Homeopathy : it is a discipline in which substances that reproduce the clinical signs of healthy animals are administered to the animal. Treatments vary from specimen to specimen.
  • Veterinary phytotherapy : based on folk medicine, it uses plants and derivatives to treat diseases.
  • Floral therapies : based on the discoveries of Edward Bach, it uses flower essences to harmonize the body. In animals, it is recommended for physical and psychological ailments.
  • Nutraceutical Medicine : Use nutritional supplements, micro and macronutrients to treat possible ailments.
  • Veterinary Physical Medicine : Recommended for the treatment of injuries. It is a non-invasive rehabilitation method that uses stretching , massage, laser beams  , electrical sources, hydrotherapy, etc.

Why choose natural and holistic medicine?

First, to define the modality of treatment, the diagnosis must be made and taken very seriously. Like the stage of the disease . This will make it possible to establish a preventive treatment or if, on the other hand, it is necessary to treat the disease in an advanced state immediately.

Secondly, keep in mind that these different types of alternative medicine do not preclude other interventions. Any natural and holistic therapy can always be integrated , at the appropriate time, by the normal treatments of traditional medicine .

What to know about natural and holistic medicine?

These are the basic foundations of natural medicine:

  • Nature provides multiple elements to prevent and treat ailments.
  • Use non-invasive methods .
  • Consider the disease, not a product of one factor, but in its entirety. It has roots in the physical, in the emotional, energetic sphere, all elements that must be treated together.
  • Treatment and diagnosis are individual. Each animal experiences and manifests each ailment differently .
  • It considers the organism as the main healing factor and activates its self-healing mechanisms .
  • Natural nutrition as a lifestyle is a key aspect in prevention.
  • The goal is to ensure maximum well-being and quality of life for the animal.

Tips for deciding if Natural and holistic veterinary medicine is right for your dog

Knowing the bases and the modalities of holistic and natural medicine is the first step to know it and to approach it or not. If the topic intrigues you, the first advice is to find a professional specialized in this type of treatment. This is an important choice, since this veterinarian must always have the well-being of your four-legged friend as its goal.

Keep in mind that prevention and diagnosis are key in this type of treatment. Therefore, observe your pet for possible symptoms, in order to recognize a possible disease when it is still in its initial and less critical phase.

In short, it is positive to open up to the possibilities offered by this type of medicine . It is certainly worth inquiring and looking for alternatives, especially if traditional methodologies do not satisfy you. The premise of natural and holistic veterinary medicine is to restore balance in the animal’s organism and offer it a better quality of life.

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