Myths about rabbits

How many times have you heard that this is true or is this a lie on issues related to rabbits? In this post from Petlifey we will reveal to you the myths that exist about rabbits.

Rabbits have to eat carrot

Rabbits love carrots as much as we love chocolate. But this does not mean that it is the basis of their diet.

Carrots are very sweet tubers. This high amount of sugars can lead to problematic fermentations in the digestive system of our bunnies.

Rabbits smell bad

Fake. Rabbits are very clean animals, if you observe them you will see that they do not stop cleaning themselves throughout the day. Change her corner regularly to prevent her pee from being able to smell.

Rabbits live in a cage

These animals have a lot of energy and we must let them play, stretch their legs and exercise as long as we can. If you are going to keep a bunny in a cage all day, you better not have it.

They just have to eat I think

From the smallest toy rabbit to the heaviest giant rabbit, they have to eat hay. A diet based exclusively on feed will cause dental and digestive diseases.

Rabbits are rodents

This is one of the most popular myths about rabbits. As we have already commented in another of our post, rabbits are not rodents, they are lagomorphs .

Transmit diseases

A domestic rabbit does not transmit diseases. If the vaccines often won’t pass them on to each other, either.

Rabbits are not smart

Rabbits are quite intelligent animals. If you teach them they can learn a lot of tricks, they respond when called by their name, they love to explore and get to know their whole environment.

Rabbits bite

As a general rule, rabbits are quite peaceful animals that do not have to bite. If they bite it is because they feel threatened, are not sterilized or have a health problem.

Rabbits live little

Contrary to what is heard out there, the life expectancy of rabbits is quite high. In this case we will use as an example Mick a rabbit in Illinois who turned 17 who became the oldest (living) rabbit in the world.

Better to buy a baby rabbit

We recommend that they are not very small kits. Young rabbits have a weaker immune system and are more likely to get sick or even die during the first few weeks at home.

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