My cat wakes me up at night: 3 reasons why

It’s been proven that cat owners are generally much more tired than people who don’t have cats. The reason? The little devil hiding in the skin of their feline, of course! If you too are one of those who are woken up every night by their cat, with meows or paws, it may be interesting to at least understand why. Even if you know very well that you can’t do anything against your little beast’s will…

1. It’s a nocturnal animal

Originally, the cat hunts its prey at night and sleeps the rest of the day (about 18 hours a day anyway!). And given that it’s an animal that has retained many of the instincts of its wild ancestors, despite its domestication, it’s no wonder it’s more active at night and comes seeking your attention.

2. You are their slave

If you’ve given in to your cat, even once, by getting up in the middle of the night to go feed it or open the door for it, you can be sure that it won’t hesitate to wake you up at new. It understands that you obey their every wish and has absolutely no intention of depriving itself of it. The easiest way is therefore to ignore it when it suddenly comes to pull you out of dreamland.

And above all, do not feed them as soon as you wake up, wait until you are prepared so that it understands that it is you who decides the schedule of this house, and not them! You are the boss!

3. It is bored

If you spend all day at work and come home at night too tired to play with your cat, it’s normal for your cat to want to interact with you, even in the middle of the night.

Even if a cat is a very independent animal, it still needs to be stimulated on a daily basis, whether physically or intellectually, think about it! So, don’t hesitate to buy them new toys regularly, invest in a cat tree or even offer them catnip, a herb with a particularly euphoric effect for 80% of adult cats.

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