My cat sticks its tongue out: 6 possible reasons

It is very rare to see a cat panting. And for good reason, our feline friends do not evacuate their perspiration through their mouths to lower their body temperature, unlike dogs. What reason can cause your cat to stick out its tongue? Should you be worried? 

1. It’s hot

Even if this remains exceptional, it may happen that your cat starts panting, especially in the event of a heat wave or after an intense effort. In this case, you absolutely must refresh it by placing it in a cool place and wetting its paws with a little water. However, be careful not to immerse it in cold water, this could cause thermal shock!

2. It is scared

Cats can also be prone to anxiety attacks! In this case, just like us, their breathing will accelerate, forcing them to open their mouths and stick out their tongues in order to let the air in more easily.

3. It can’t breathe

If your cat sticks its tongue out too often, it’s really not normal. This behavior may be due to a respiratory problem which can worsen over time and therefore it is essential to consult a veterinarian.

4. It is happy

The feeling of well-being can sometimes provoke this type of behavior in the cat. If you notice that your cat only sticks out its tongue when you cuddle it, it means that it is enjoying the moment. In this case, do not worry, continue your caresses and it will be even happier.

5. It feels like throwing up

As you will have noticed, the cat is an animal that regularly wants to vomit, in particular because of the hairs it swallows when it washes and which forms balls of hair in its stomach. However, nausea can cause more or less severe coughing in cats. It is therefore not uncommon to see a cat sticking its tongue out in this situation, a sign that the coughing fits are tiring it and that it needs to catch its breath.

6. It sleeps

If your cat only sticks out its tongue when it’s sleeping, don’t worry, it’s simply because all of its muscles are relaxed. However, this attitude is more commonly seen in older cats.

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