My cat is aggressive: 8 reasons why

Your cat is a real little monster. And for good reason, it does not hesitate to scratch or bite you as soon as it has the opportunity. And let’s not talk about people it doesn’t know… A real wild beast! But why so much hate? Is it because it doesn’t like you? Not so sure… In reality, several reasons can explain such behavior. 

1. It has a difficult past

If you adopted your cat from a shelter, they may have had a particularly difficult past and may be completely traumatized. Abandonment, mistreatment, struggle for survival… The reasons it has for no longer trusting humans can be numerous.

In this case, do not rush them but act with them with patience and gentleness. The goal is to show them over time that it can trust you.

2. It picked up bad habits

If, from an early age, your cat understood that by biting you or scratching you it could get everything from you, it is not surprising that it continues. The important thing is to show them that it does not have the upper hand over you and that you are anything but their slave. For that, stop obeying them to the finger and the eye and to satisfy their slightest desires. You decide in this house!

3. It is scared

If your cat is afraid of you or of a noise it often hears (car noise, for example), it is normal for them to react aggressively. Indeed, it feels threatened and simply seeks to defend itself. In this case, be gentler with them, never brutal, and/or try to distract them from their fear by using games or treats.

4. It responds to their instincts

In nature, the cat was above all a predator, a great adept at hunting. It can therefore happen that even today their instinct comes to tickle their chops, especially if it does not have enough distractions in their environment and it is bored.

If your cat has the unfortunate tendency to greedily throw itself on your calves, for no apparent reason, it is because it considers them to be prey. Only one thing to do: stimulate them, but with toys!

5. It was weaned too early

The kittens are supposed to spend three months with their mother. The latter must teach them during this time to become balanced cats. For this, it teaches them to hunt, to purr but also to control themselves! Indeed, it is the mother who teaches their kitten that it should not scratch and bite for no reason, but only to defend itself in the event of an attack.

But if the kitten has been separated from its mother too early, it will not have had time to learn this essential teaching. An unweaned kitten must therefore be immediately taken care of in terms of education and requires more attention. and investment than another kitten.

6. It no longer wants to be petted

Most cats love petting. This gesture gives them a feeling of well-being that makes them purr. But it can happen that at one time or another, they are tired of being touched. In this case, they will start flapping their tails and putting their ears back. The reason? This overflow of happiness suddenly turns into a very unpleasant feeling. If you don’t end the cuddling session immediately, then they attack.

7. It hurts

If your cat becomes aggressive towards you only when you touch them in a specific part of their body, it may simply be because it is in pain. In this case, go to the veterinarian!

8. It defends their territory

The cat is a very territorial animal. Some even say that it prefers their territory to their human, and by far. So, if when you invite friends or other animals over, your cat turns into a real guard dog, it may be because it is defending their territory. Hence the importance of socializing them well from an early age by regularly introducing them to new people.

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