My cat does not like to play: why?

By their nature of hunters, cats are often inveterate players. And for good reason, the game now replaces hunting, especially for felines living in apartments. This activity not only stimulates them physically, but also mentally. However, it happens that some cats refuse to play or get tired quickly. Should we be worried about it? Several reasons can in fact explain such a disaffection for the game. Here are the ones!

1. He got tired of his toys

If your cat has had the same toys for several months, or even several years, it seems normal that they no longer find favor in their eyes. Indeed, our feline friends tend to get tired of their toys quickly. For this reason, it is recommended to buy (or make) new ones regularly, once or twice a month.

Good to know: to increase the lifespan of your furball’s toys, do not hesitate to store them in a box and only take out one or two different ones a day. This way, your cat won’t have time to get bored of them and will find them just as appealing every time!

2. His toys have never appealed to him

If your cat has never played with their toys, it may simply be because they are not suitable for them. So, try buying new ones that have a completely different shape and texture.

For example, if until now you only had plastic toys, opt for toys made of rubber, rope, fur or even fabric. Similarly, try hanging toys, rolling toys, squeaking toys, thinking games… You will end up finding what stimulates your feline!

A little hint: most cats love it when toys move (autonomously or through your hand or the wind), like real prey. This stimulates their hunting instinct!

3. He doesn’t like to play alone

Some cats don’t like to play alone. And for good reason, what they are looking for in the game is the interaction with their owner. In fact, if you never play with your cat, it may not see any point in having fun alone.

So take the time to play a few minutes a day with your feline, and observe their reaction. At first, it may not understand, but it could quickly take a liking to it. As long as it has your full attention, it’ll probably be happy.

Also, be aware that cats prefer to play not long (5 minutes) but often rather than long and only once a day.

4. He is sick

If your cat was a great player and, overnight, it no longer even deigns to get up when you take out their favorite toy, it may be because it feels a deep sense of unease. Very often, cats do everything to hide their weaknesses (prey reflex), which is why it can sometimes be difficult for owners to detect a disease in their animal. The signs are subtle and therefore not always obvious.

However, losing interest in play can be a sign that your cat is suffering from an illness, injury, or even depression. If it is old, osteoarthritis can also make the slightest of their movements difficult, even painful, which explains their sudden reluctance to play.

In any case, as with any other sudden change in behavior, it is best to consult a veterinarian quickly in order to carry out a health check.

5. He doesn’t feel safe

If your cat hasn’t been in your life for a while, it’s quite possible that your cat doesn’t feel confident enough to play yet. Indeed, to relax, a cat must feel safe in its territory, like sleeping, eating or doing its business.

However, if your feline has not yet appropriated its new home and has not yet established a relationship with you, it is normal that it does not feel comfortable enough to let go – and therefore play.

Similarly, if your cat has seen his daily life turned upside down due to a move, the arrival of a new member in the household or even a simple change of furniture, the stress caused can then prevent him from playing. But rest assured, once it acclimatizes to their new environment, finds their sacred routine and recovers from his emotions, it will play again.

6. He has fun differently

What if your cat didn’t need toys to have fun? Indeed, for some felines, other activities are more than enough to fill them with happiness and stimulate them. This is particularly the case of hunting, bird watching through a window or even nibbling on plants!

Not to mention that some cats are particularly lazy…

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