My cat bites me: 6 reasons why

When you adopted a cat, you imagined living a slew of moments of tenderness, living alongside a gentle and affectionate companion who would know how to bring you all the love you need on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the dream quickly turned into a nightmare when you realized that your cat was not that kind of cat. Not only does it love their independence more than anything, but it doesn’t hesitate to become aggressive towards you since it has taken up the annoying habit of biting. But know that there is always a reason why your cat bites you!

1. It doesn’t want you to touch them anymore.

While you are quietly installed on your sofa gently cuddling your cat, the latter suddenly turns around and gives you a brutal bite on the hand, like that, without warning. Rest assured, your cat is not crazy. He’s just trying to let you know that it wants you to stop touching them.

But why this sudden reaction when it seemed to appreciate your caresses a few minutes ago? Quite simply because the excess of caresses has excited them too much and their effect has gone from pleasant to unpleasant. Be aware that, in this case, it is possible to anticipate your cat’s aggressiveness : if it starts to wag their tail, lay their ears down, dilate their pupils or even lick your fingers when you are in petting it is a sign that it will soon bite you.

2. It hurts somewhere

If your cat only bites you when you stroke it in a specific area of ​​the body, it may be because it is in pain and your caresses are real torture for it. In this case, it is safer to take him to the vet to make sure everything is fine. Indeed, it may also simply hate being touched on this part of the body.

3. It plays

If you have got into the habit of using your hand to play with your cat, it is normal for them to be happy to bite it as soon as you approach him. Indeed, your hand has, in their head, become prey and it plays with it as it would with a toy. So, prefer to play with them with toys hanging on a string, then it will focus less on your hand.

4. It is bored

If your cat throws itself on your ankles, your calves or your feet to bite them as soon as you pass in front of them, it is also because it thinks they are prey. Most often, the explanation lies in the fact that the animal is bored, is not stimulated enough and takes everything that passes under its paw to distract itself. In this case, it is important to make them exercise by playing with them so that it can exert itself sufficiently.

5. It is scared

A noise, a sudden movement, an unusual event can surprise your cat and make it quickly frightened. In this case, it will not hesitate to bite you just because you are next to them, identifying you as a threat.

6. It loves you

Cats do not always bite violently. Indeed, some tend to nibble on the hands, arms or legs of their master when they are happy. Biting is indeed a real proof of affection for them.

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