Munchkin Cat care: from grooming to bathing this breed

Munchkin Care: From Grooming, To Hygiene. All beauty tips for the well-being of this cat.

The Munchkin is a wonderful and particular breed of cat of American origin, with the extraordinary characteristic of short legs, the result of a natural genetic mutation.

It is endowed with a different build from the usual one, that is low and slender, it is in any case a muscular and at the same time snappy feline.

It is also a short-haired cat as well as a medium-haired cat, but in this article we will be looking at the short-haired variety.

Let’s see how to take care of the Munchkin, in particular its coat and its hygiene.

Munchkin coat care

Although the Munchkin turns out to be a rather active cat, but not suitable for living in freedom outside, due to its size and delicate coat.

The Munchkin is a small to medium-small sized cat, in fact it has won the title of smallest cat in the world. There are two varieties of this breed: long or short , both silky and soft.

The development of this breed originated with a breeder named Kay La France, who started the first Munchkin breeding on his plantation in Louisiana.

When he was given a kitten born from a litter that had the genetic mutation that determine short legs.

Other characteristics of this cat concern the hair which, as we said, is silky and soft regardless of length, as well as being accepted in all colors and designs.

Another feature is the length of the tail which is like that of the body with a slightly rounded tip.

The Munchkin in addition to being chosen for its particular funny and tender appearance, is also in great demand because it does not take much time to cure.

As we mentioned it is a short-haired cat, which only needs one week to avoid the accumulation of excess dead hair on the body that we will inevitably find on our floor.

Not only that, the hairballs could be dangerous for the cat itself who could pick them up with his tongue and get an intestinal obstruction.

Of course, despite being a short-haired cat, during the cat’s moulting periods, i.e. in autumn and spring, it is recommended to brush the cat every day.

Brushing, albeit weekly, must be done in the appropriate way with accessories suitable for the type of coat of the cat.

There are different types of brushes and accessories useful to help the Munchkin cat to always have a shiny coat and they are:

  • cat glove: It can quickly and gently remove hair and modify hard-to-reach places. At the same time, it can fully massage the pet’s skin and promote blood circulation;
  • a wide-toothed comb: very gentle on the cat’s skin, thanks to the rounded teeth;
  • brush for cats with short and soft bristles: ideal for short-haired cats, it does not cause any pain or discomfort as it does not touch the skin. It has stainless steel teeth that are designed to penetrate the fur preventing it from tangling and tangling, particularly during the cat’s moulting period.
  • a slanatore: effectively removes dirt, hair, tangles and knots in an appropriate way.

Hygiene and cleanliness of the Munchkin

The Munchkin like all other cats, needs adequate hygiene, useful for avoiding certain pathologies caused by poor cleaning of the body.

The cat in general, as is well known, has a fantastic and very useful tongue, with which it is able to clean almost all of its body.

However, there are some critical points that he cannot reach, which is why he needs the help of his human friend.

In order to have an optimal health condition of the Munchkin it is advisable to clean the following points:

  • ears : clean them gently, to be able to remove the earwax that accumulates and can cause problems. Cotton swabs, gauze or a simple napkin should be used, taking care not to damage them;
  • teeth: brushing them every two or three weeks, with a special toothbrush sold in specialized stores;
  • cat nails : cut them carefully and delicately, using specific scissors. This is a complicated operation that the cat does not like. Experts advise not to carry out the operation at home alone but to consult a grooming professional.

As for the bath, the Munchkin, being a cat that lives at home, is hardly found outside, unless he accidentally gets dirty, one bath a month is more than enough .

Care must be taken not to damage the fur and not to irritate the skin with products unsuitable for the animal, therefore you should not use shampoo or shower gel for human use.

We remind you that what makes the Munchkin’s coat healthy and shiny is partly due to an adequate and quality diet for the cat.

In addition, a general check-up by the vet 1-2 times a year must also be included among the basic attentions for the care of the Munchkin.

If you want to deepen the subject you can read the article “Nutrition of the Munchkin”.

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