Minuet Cat care: brushing, bathing, grooming tips

Minuet care: from grooming to hygiene. All beauty tips for the well-being of this cat.

The Minuet is a medium-sized cat, as we mentioned, with short hair that comes from the union of a Munchkin cat and a Persian.

All this thanks to a breeder named Joe Smith who in 1996 started the breeding of Minuet, a breed also known by the name Napoleon.

The Minuet has a mixed nature between the kindness of the Persians and the vivacity and curiosity of Munchkin.

Minuet coat care

The Minuet has a short, soft and plush coat.

As for the colors of the Minuet, all colors and patterns are allowed, including those that are outside the typical Persian colors.

For example, you can find shaded Minuet kittens, mink, pointy, chocolate brown, lilac, bicolor, and cinnamon.

They can also be white with green eyes, as well as cross-eyed, which means that one eye will be a different color from the other.

Precisely because it is a short-haired cat, a single brushing is more than enough for and vitare the hair excess accumulation died on the cat’s body, which then will meet on the floor or observe the kitty while collecting it with his tongue.

Obviously, a different speech must be made for the cat’s moulting periods, i.e. in autumn and spring.

During this phase of the year it is recommended to brush the cat every day, to remove the dead coat.

Although annoying, the moult is necessary to adapt the cat’s coat to the current season, that is, a thicker and softer fur in winter, to protect it from the cold and cooler and thinner in summer, to defend it from the scorching heat.

It is also important not to underestimate that every type of hair needs the right brush.

This is why there are different types of brushes for cat hair, each of them suitable for brushing the specific hair, in the case of the Minuet, short hair.

The useful accessories to help the Minuet cat to have a clean and shiny coat are:

  • cat glove : A five-finger design brush can quickly and gently remove hair and modify hard-to-reach spots. At the same time, it can fully massage the pet’s skin and promote blood circulation;
  • a wide-toothed comb : chromed metal teeth, very gentle on the cat’s skin, thanks to the rounded teeth;
  • a slanatore : effectively removes dirt, hair, tangles and knots in an appropriate way.

Hygiene and cleaning of the Minuet

In addition to daily brushing, the Minuet requires adequate hygiene. Let’s see what it consists of, hygiene for this breed of cat.

The cat, in general, is known to be one of the animals most attentive to its hygiene, as it spends many hours of the day taking care of the cleaning of its body.

Unfortunately, despite his fabulous language, he does not always manage to reach all the critical points of his body, for which he needs the help of his human friend.

The parts of the body that you need help with are:

  • clean your ears gently to remove earwax that builds up and can cause problems. Cotton swabs, gauze or a simple napkin should be used, taking care not to damage them;
  • clean your teeth, brushing them every two or three weeks, with a special toothbrush sold in specialized stores;
  • cut the cat’s nails, carefully and delicately, with the use of specific scissors. This is a complicated operation that the cat does not like. Experts advise not to carry out the operation at home alone but to consult a grooming professional.

As for bathing one a month, unless it gets heavily soiled, that’s enough.

It will be necessary to use specific products for cleaning the cat in order not to damage the fur and irritate the skin of the feline.

We remind you that the beauty and health of the Minuet’s coat are also possible thanks to a healthy and quality diet.

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