Left-handed cats, a study proves their existence: and they have specific habits

A scientific study shows that cats also have a ‘favorite’ limb. Just like humans who are divided into right-handed and left-handed. And they seem to be inclined to move them with greater ease. It is the researchers, who have noticed this, also establishing that in most cases the females tend to make a prevalent use of the right paw. On the contrary, however, the tendency of males would lead them to use the left one. Some domestic cats were taken as samples. And this study on left-handed cats was also aimed at analyzing the conditions of stress and vulnerability to which animals are exposed on a daily basis.

Forty-four felines were thoroughly analyzed. Of these 24 were males and the remaining 20 females. All were observed performing normal actions, which are practiced on a day-to-day basis. They range from feeding to using the litter, to grooming operations. Then to understand which cats were right-handed and left-handed cats, scientists used food. These have left succulent morsels within reach of the paw. And then they urged the cats to retrieve it by repeating the gesture 50 times. The findings show that the majority of felines use the right hand. And this is exactly what happens with 90% of human beings.

Left-handed cats, they exist and are among us

Although there is a peculiarity: depending on the action to be performed, a ‘dominant paw’ emerged. 73% of the subjects studied used a specific one to collect food. 70% showed that they had one more effective than the other when it came to going down the stairs or starting to proceed along a certain path. And 66% of cats have a preferred foot for entering the litter box. But cats also know how to take on other decidedly bizarre behaviors. This is the case of George, a beautiful cat who has devised a completely curious method to let his mistress know when it is time to feed him. In fact, this curious little animal has suddenly started to turn on the lights of the house when his stomach starts to grumble.

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