Korat cat care: coat brushing, cleaning and grooming tips

Here are the tips to put into practice to take care of the Korat cat: from tips for its well-being to beauty tricks.

Bewitching look, soft coat, persuasive appearance: the Korat, also known as Si-Sawat, is a truly charming cat. How often should you brush it? Should you give him a bath? Do you have to cut his nails? Let’s find out the answers to these questions and all the information you need to know about Korat care .

Korat care: brushing and bathing

Are you wondering how to best take care of the Korat’s coat? Here are all the tips about it.

Being a cat almost totally devoid of undercoat, the Si-sawat tends to shed little hair even during the moulting period.

For this, it is sufficient to brush it once a week, in order to avoid the formation of knots and hairballs. Furthermore, it is a fundamental operation to inspect the cat’s fur and identify the presence of any parasites.

Which tool to choose to dedicate yourself to this operation? The alternatives to choose from are different. The most classic choice could fall on a brush with short and soft bristles.

Alternatively, you can buy a toilet glove with which to caress the domestic feline and at the same time brush its coat, making it silky and shiny.

Of course, to keep your cat’s coat healthy and strong, take care of her diet properly. To find out what you need to know about the ideal Korat diet, check out this article.

Bathing the cat yes or no? Basically, the answer is no: like every other specimen of its species, even the Si-Sawat cat is extremely attentive to its personal hygiene and does not need to be washed.

Not to mention that this cat is predisposed to the onset of respiratory diseases due to sensitivity to low temperatures and humidity.

Si-Sawat Care: Cleaning of eyes, nails, ears and teeth

Finally, to take care of the Korat it is essential to know everything about the hygiene of the eyes, nails, ears and teeth.

It is advisable to regularly inspect your cat’s eyes and ears to remove any excess secretions before they can become encrusted and cause infections.

To eliminate them, it will be sufficient to use a sterile gauze moistened in warm water. To cut the nails to the cat yes or no? In reality, the answer depends on your four-legged friend.

For young and active specimens it is not necessary: ​​they will sharpen their claws by themselves.

In the case of elderly and sedentary cats, however, we may have to intervene to shorten excessively long nails.

If so, it will be sufficient to use a special nail clipper, taking care to remove only the white and superficial part of the claw, which is not vascularized.

Finally, how to take care of the oral hygiene of the Korat? To avoid the accumulation of plaque and tartar, it is advisable to regularly brush the teeth of the cat, with special toothpastes and toothbrushes formulated for domestic cats.

Alternatively, you can use sanitizing creams to be distributed on the cat’s teeth.

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