Khao Manee Cat care: brushing, bathing and grooming

The Khao Manee care, everything related to the beauty secrets of this magnificent white cat, from grooming to bathing.

The Khao Manee has enchanting green eyes and a coat of a unique whiteness. Its origins are Thai and its name means “white gem”.

Also known today as the diamond-eyed cat, an ancient all-white feline that has only recently come to the attention of Western breeders.

Some individuals may be partially or totally deaf but this is a common feature in cats with blue eyes and white coats.

Khao Manee Care: Grooming and Hygiene

The Khao Manee is an unmistakable and unforgettable breed precisely for these characteristics that concern the coat and eyes, which must be taken care of.

In this article we are going to describe the care of the Khao Manee, all that is necessary for its grooming and hygiene.

The Khao Manee is a medium-sized cat, which reaches a weight that varies between 3 and 5 kg. Equipped with a well-proportioned, slender and muscular body.

short, tough and slightly open coat, fluid enough to reveal the musculature.

Undercoat contained in most cases, very natural, not excessively groomed, not rough or excessively soft with a single white color reminiscent of snow.

Thanks to his short coat, one brush a week can be enough to keep him healthy and make him appear shiny.

The possibility that the coat of this cat  can be shiny is also due to a correct diet.

The veterinarian will be able to recommend the suitable food and any supplements to be taken by the cat.

As for the bath, even if not often, it is necessary to do it and get used to the cat from an early age.

This move will come in handy, as it will be important to use grooming products that are suitable for her delicate skin. The shampoo to be used must be purely for short-haired cats.

Avoid these products coming into contact with the light and delicate eyes of the Khao Manee. Also pay attention to the temperature of the water which must be lukewarm.

Hygiene and cleanliness of the Khao Manee

It is essential to make sure that all parts of the Khao Manee ‘s body are clean without leaving anything out.

To ensure the hygiene of the Khao Manee’s body, it is necessary to use specific products and take care of:

  • mouth : Cats suffer from diseases of the oral cavity, therefore the use of sanitizing creams and comfortable toothbrushes, easily available in specialized shops, can be a valid preventive tool ;
  • eyes : Cleaning the delicate green / blue eyes is of great help in the prevention of both annoying infections such as conjunctivitis and blepharitis in cats;
  • ears : The ears must be cleaned and checked periodically to avoid the accumulation of secretions and the development of infections, skin disorders and to eliminate mites;
  • nails : The nails of the cat, all cats must be shortened to prevent pain and infections caused by the growth of the same inwards, by contacting a specialist or the veterinarian.

Without forgetting the periodic vaccinations and deworming of the cat, to prevent diseases.

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