Is there telepathic communication between us and our dogs?

It is natural for dogs to get along well with people. But … can they read our minds? It sounds crazy, but some people believe it and have taken the trouble to study this phenomenon , carrying out several studies to prove it. After reading this article, you decide if there is telepathic communication with your dogs.

Canine telepathy?

We know that dogs have truly remarkable perceptive abilities , and that they are able to recognize when their owner is feeling bad, when he is suffering from some disease or when he is distressed. There are even those who claim that they are able to identify exactly a certain type of disease. This perception is called  canine  telepathy.

Can a dog even find out when a person is suffering from cancer? Nobody knows for sure, however, as we have said, our 4-legged friends  can sense when something is wrong with their owners.  Obviously they also perceive the cheerfulness and happiness of the same.

Some studies carried out

A study published by Discovery Channel tries to answer the question “Does telepathic dog-master communication exist?”. The research, conducted by a group of researchers from the University of Florida, aimed to determine why dogs are so intelligent that they detect people’s moods, and how they do it.

So, the first question was:  are dogs born with this ability or do they learn with experience?

To answer this question, the group conducted two experiments: the first with a group of dogs and the other with one of wolves . For the experiment, the groups of animals had the opportunity to ask two different people for food. One of these had to pay attention to them, while the other had to ignore them.

Scholars have shown for the first time that both wolves and domestic dogs can successfully beg by approaching a person who pays attention to them. This proves that both species – domestic and non-domesticated – are capable of behaving according to a person’s state of attention.

In addition, some dogs proved to be more inclined to beg: for example, those who came from a kennel were not as good as those who came from a home; it has thus been shown that coexistence with humans allows dogs to perfect their ability to perceive people’s emotions and intentions.

According to scholars, these findings suggest that dogs’ ability to understand human actions is due to their willingness to accept humans as life companions,  accompanied by the ability to observe people’s actions, to take advantage of them. Therefore, dogs develop this ability depending on the type of signals received, the context in which the dog is and the experience gained.

Far from scientific rigor,  other scholars affirm that telepathy is possible, and to make it manifest they speak of different types of psychic consciousness, which would allow us to understand the different messages that our dogs send us.

Clairvoyance is one of them . Another type of psychic consciousness is clairaudience, or the ability to hear sounds that go beyond the absolute threshold of sound perception.

Many also view psychic consciousness as empathy and argue that sometimes you can even smell what your dog is sniffing; it is thought that concentration exercises are needed to achieve this. To start a session, for example, the first thing to do is to follow three basic steps:

  • meditation,
  • observation and
  • connection.

For the exercise to be successful you need to find a quiet place, pick up your dog’s photo, close your eyes and, when you feel ready, open it and focus on your dog. Observe him carefully, his skin, his body and his eyes, listen to his breath and record your impressions in a diary.

People who practice these exercises say that you can get to communicate with your dog: they also claim that they can talk to each other. However, these ideas are too confusing and their sustainability lacks scientific rigor .

If you want, you can try. Surely you will reach a quite pleasant state of concentration and “spirituality”. However, we certainly cannot assure you that you will be able to talk to your dog.

In short, the topic of dog-man telepathic communication is much discussed, and for the moment there are no certain answers.

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