Is the vegan diet for cats and dogs dangerous?

An animal expert warns owners of dogs and cats who enforce the vegan diet, that the risks are many even in the long term. Is the vegan diet for cats and dogs okay or not, and is it morally wrong or right?

A dog expert has warned pet owners after pet food brands rolled out vegan lines promoting these products as suitable for cats and dogs, even for help reduce their carbon footprint. But is imposing our choice on our pets a risk or is it possible to make dogs and cats follow our ideas?

Vegan diet and animals

As we would never give a rabbit a steak, as a herbivore, we cannot eliminate meat from the diet of dogs and cats as carnivores

So a vegan diet in the case of these animals instead of being an ethical choice – as in the case of humans – becomes even the opposite, because it puts pets at risk of health problems over time. Furthermore, these products are processed, and just as we humans are not advised to eat processed food, we should avoid giving our pets this type of food .

Health problems

Many diseases related to obesity, such as heart disease and diabetes in dogs, have higher levels when using more “complete” foods in which grains are present between 30 and 70%, because dogs cannot metabolize this type of foods. These processed foods are usually filled with rice, barley, and beet pulp, all of which are sugars. Not only are they bad for dogs’ teeth, but they also cause weight problems. Such problems are evident in one in two dogs, making them obese or overweight.

We maintains that animals must be provided with a natural diet, with ideally organic meat. Vegans usually think that when they put their pets on a vegan diet they do it because they love animals, but unfortunately they do just the opposite.

Humans and animals: vegans yes or no?

Other problems that the unethical treatment of animals and industrial crops. The choice is to be a vegetarian, but doesn’t impose diet on dogs because different species have different needs. Dogs, must necessarily eat meat, humans don’t. Also because from her estimates, since humans consume 75% of the meat produced globally, if we all became vegetarians or vegans we could save the planet.

Another reason meat is bad for humans is that it causes high cholesterol. But in dogs it’s not a problem, because they can’t have high cholesterol. Furthermore, if dogs and cats are given a plant-based diet for long periods of time, they would lose important fatty acids and amino acids, which they can only take from meat, thus incurring a greater risk of disease.

Especially cats can have major health problems if they follow a vegan diet, because they are carnivores and need taurine in their diet, a substance they can only get from meat. These problems would likely be seen after a year, so at first we won’t notice the damage their body is taking.

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