Is night snacking good or not for Cats?

Felines are nocturnal animals and do everything during the night. Let’s see together if it’s good or bad to leave the cat a nighttime snack.

Who lives with a feline, or with any other pet, thinks mainly about its health, and one of the main factors to make the life of your cat healthy and happy is nutrition.

Many people feed their cat at night. Is this a good habit for Kitty or is it bad for the feline to have a snack at night? Let’s find out below.

Cat night snack: right or wrong

It is well known that cats are nocturnal animals, therefore they “live” at night and during the day they prefer to rest to recover lost energy.

Among the various actions that cats perform at night there is also eating. In fact, cats very often wake up their humans at night just because they want to nibble on something.

But is this habit right or wrong for our four-legged friend? According to experts, cats, unlike dogs, can eat the night snack.

However, it is important that the food left in cat’s bowl is dry, as wet food spoils quickly. So if you decide to leave food in your cat’s bowl at night, that’s no problem as long as it’s kibble.

Furthermore, you can put the right amount of food for the feline into the bowl at once, so that even if the cat goes from time to time to nibble some croquettes, even during the night, you don’t risk your four-legged friend. feed too much.

Although cats only eat when they are hungry, attention must be paid to the behavior of the cat, if the latter eats all the food at once, it would be advisable to divide the portions into several meals. Also, never forget to offer the cat plenty of clean, fresh water.

How to avoid overfeeding your cat at night

One of the concerns of people who decide to leave cat food in the bowl at night is overfeeding the cat.

On the other hand, cats are independent and eat when they want. To make sure your cat doesn’t overeat, it’s important to follow these tips:

  • Do not refill the bowl: once the cat has finished the food in the bowl, do not fill the bowl. The feline must understand that once the bowl has been emptied, he will have to wait until the following day to eat;
  • Use food toys: these are very useful for making the cat eat slowly and also serve to stimulate the mind of the feline.

However, if you don’t want to leave food for your four-legged friend at night, you can plan his meals by giving him the right amount of food he needs.

Although it could be difficult both for those who work and because the cat may ask for more food, as it tends to eat at any time of the day.

However, you could use the combined feeding method, that is, give the cat the first two meals, if anything moist, and leave croquettes in the bowl for when the cat is hungry.

In this case, however, it is important to divide the quantities of food that the cat should eat in a day, in the 2 meals and in the snack that you want to leave at night to the Kitty.

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