Ideal feeding of the Aegean Cat: food, quantity, frequency of meals

What to feed the Aegean cat: this is the ideal diet for the specimens of this breed, predisposed to obesity.

The Aegean cat is a cat belonging to a truly ancient breed, which for millennia has survived thanks to hunting and fishing. For this reason, planning a diet that can respect the nutritional needs and eating habits of this feline is essential. Which diet to choose for the Aegean cat? Let’s find out together.

Feeding of the Aegean cat: quantity and frequency

The specimens of this breed are predisposed to the accumulation of excess weight.

For this reason, in planning the ideal feeding of the Aegean cat it is essential to identify daily doses that can satisfy the energy needs of the cat, without making him gain weight.

The best advice is to contact the veterinarian, who will formulate a personalized nutritional plan, based on a series of parameters such as age, health and lifestyle of the animal.

In general, the doses of wet should be calculated by multiplying each kg of the cat’s weight by 40 grams.

Once the figure is obtained, it should be divided by 3 to calculate the dry food ration.

How often to feed the Aegean cat? Generally, it is recommended to do this twice a day.

In the case of particularly voracious cats, however, a good solution may be to divide their dose of daily food into small snacks, to be given to them regularly throughout the day, even using an automatic kibble dispenser.

What to feed the Aegean cat?

After identifying the frequency and doses of meals, it is essential to ask what foods should be included in the perfect diet of the Aegean cat.

Being an obligate carnivore, it is essential that this cat regularly eats proteins of animal origin.

Green light, therefore, for meat and fish. In fact, these foods contain essential nutrients for the feline’s well-being, such as cobalamin and niacin.

These are substances that the animal’s body is unable to produce by itself, but which it needs in order not to run into serious nutritional deficiencies.

Aegean cat: home nutrition or industrial diet?

Finally, we just have to answer one last question: is a home or industrial diet better for the Aegean cat?

The first expression refers to the complete preparation procedure of the cat’s meals by its owner.

This means that we will choose the ingredients and cook them. The advantages of this diet are numerous and concern in particular the quality of the raw materials.

However, it is essential that home feeding planning is done with the veterinarian: the risk of nutritional deficiencies is just around the corner.

The industrial diet, on the other hand, involves the purchase of ready-made feed, purchased on supermarket shelves.

These are balanced and complete foods, whose quality and nutritional composition must be ascertained by looking at the ingredients shown on the back of the package.

Which diet to choose for the Aegean cat? Much depends on your time available and our preferences. In any case, we should take into account that a home diet would be more appropriate.

This cat, in fact, has long lived as a stray, hunting its prey. For this reason, the best choice would be to recreate a diet that is as faithful as possible to his state of nature.

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