Hypervitaminosis D in cats: causes, symptoms, treatment

Hypervitaminosis D in cats, a problem linked to important factors. Let’s try to understand what it is, what its main symptoms and the expected cure for the feline.

Being attentive to nutrition and, consequently, to the physical health of your feline implies responsibility and conscientious choices every day. Sometimes, however, it can happen to make mistakes in the doses not only of some foods but also in the integration of minerals and vitamins that the domestic cat needs. Let’s see, for example, what is hypervitaminosis D in cats and how to solve the problem.

Hypervitaminosis D in cats: typical causes and symptoms

This is a condition that can occur when you want to correct a vitamin D deficiency but have the opposite effect. Let’s see, then, what exactly hypervitaminosis D consists of, what are its causes and the symptoms that occur in the cat.

It can be difficult to care for a feline, especially when you have little experience behind you. Taking care of his nutrition , then, is essential to guarantee him daily well-being and make him feel super active, as he likes.

Many times, the house kitty can suffer from deficiencies and needs more support from vitamins or minerals in their diet. We then intervene with the integration and administration of these fundamental elements for the balance of your organism.

When there is an excess of vitamins in the feline, for example, negative consequences can develop that damage its health.

As for the presence of vitamin D in the cat, this is among the fundamental elements for its well-being, when it is made a correct intake. But if its integration is excessive in the diet , hypervitaminosis D occurs.

Feeding your dog with foods that are too rich in vitamin D, such as cod liver oil, or providing excessive supplements of the vitamin, risks triggering this mechanism.

Other common causes of hypervitaminosis D may be the ‘ poisoning by rodenticides in cats , as some lures also containing cholecalciferol, the ingestion of creams with vitamin D and also the treatment for hypoparathyroidism cat.

The main symptoms in the furry

It is important to be able to recognize the symptoms of when your cat is sick. Numerous symptoms, including severe ones, can occur  in felines with hypervitaminosis D. The signs to watch out for are the following:

  • Lethargy
  • Weakness 
  • The cat is depressed 
  • No desire to make movements
  • Stiff gait 
  • Polyuria and polydipsia in cats 
  • Low values ​​of parathyroid hormone
  • Changes in bone and joint development
  • Bone demineralization
  • Hypercalcemia of the cat 
  • Calcifications of tissues, especially the stomach, kidneys, lungs, vessels and heart.

The feline and its disease: diagnosis and expected treatment

As we have seen, hypervitaminosis D manifests itself in the feline through various symptoms and behavioral signals. In this condition, making the diagnosis and deciding on a suitable treatment is mandatory. Let’s see better, here in the article, what can be done for a cat.

A problem such as hypervitaminosis D can have very serious effects on the health and normal life of the animal, if not diagnosed and treated in time.

If you suspect one or more symptoms or clinical signs in your dog, it is essential to notify your veterinarian and have him undergo a complete check-up.

The diagnosis involves, of course, the tests of the blood along with X-rays to check for tissue calcification.

Once the results of all the tests and laboratory tests have been obtained, it will be necessary to decide on the care of the cat. The first step of the planned therapy is to immediately discontinue the use of vitamin D supplements or replace your vitamin D- rich feed.

Even if, unfortunately, the calcifications of the tissues will not be able to regress, it will be possible to regulate the blood levels of phosphorus, calcium and parathyroid hormone in the suffering cat.

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