Hyperactive cat: causes and remedies to calm it down

If the cat is hyperactive, you need to be able to calm him down. In this article we will explain why cats are hyperactive and how you can calm them down.

We can notice in a hyperactive cat an excessive motor activity, which taken to the extreme, makes the cat unable to control itself both on a motor and mental level.

The hyperactive cat always lives in tensionreacts to every stimulus, plays non- stop and you must always keep up with it, as it tends to bring objects to its mouth and could swallow something dangerous.

He climbs everywhere without distinguishing people, tents or furniture, as if he were jumping from tree to tree, continually dropping objects.

It is difficult to be able to play with a cat with this behavioral disorder, as it tends to bite and scratch and it is also impossible to grasp it because it struggles and can even pull out nails and fangs.

Although the cat loses a lot of energy, in going back and forth like an earthquake, it seems that it never gets tired. This excessive hyperactivity leads to both sleep disturbances in the cat, as he sleeps less than a normal cat, and an excessive appetite.

Hyperactive cat: causes

The hyperactivity of the cat is a real behavioral disorder that if it is already present in a kitten, it must immediately be dealt with adequately, as even in adulthood it will always remain an earthquake.

The origins of cat hyperactivity can be many, we will list below some of the causes that motivate the excessive behavior of the cat:

  • Early separation from the mother: often a hyperactive cat is already a kitten, if it is separated from its mother very soon it could have this type of behavior.
  • Inability of the mother: the cat may not have had a teaching of discipline and social life as a puppy.
  • Incapable owner: Even having an owner unable to care for the cat or to educate him properly can lead the cat to behave excessively.

How to help an over-excited cat

It must be said that cat hyperactivity can be both a physical and a behavioral problem. As for the physical problem, contact the veterinarian.

On the other hand, regarding a behavioral problem, you should take measures to calm the over-excited cat. We will list below the methods that are used to make the feline feel better. They are:

  • Impose yourself without being noticed: if the cat is destroying something, you should not scold or yell at it, but you must redirect its activity to another object.
  • Environmental enrichment: adding toys and obstacles to the house would make cat activity a perennial challenge. Scratching posts and hammocks should also be placed.
  • Massage the cat: in the cat’s moments of calm, which will be few, it would be good to massage and cuddle the cat, so that it will associate the moments of rest with relaxing moments.
  • Bach flowers or snacks with relaxing herbs: it is possible to give your cat Bach flowers or relaxing snacks, always after contacting a specialist.

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