Human Food that is not suitable for dogs

An important aspect when we decide to take care of an animal is to provide it with a healthy diet.

Sometimes, however , ignorance leads us to make no small mistakes, which end up damaging our animals.

Let’s look at some digestive problems in dogs caused by eating human food.

It is normal to prohibit dogs  from consuming human food; many veterinarians categorically prohibit it.

Yet it is only a partial truth. Although some of the foods we consume can be very harmful to these animals, in general the damage is not that serious: the secret is in knowing what to give them and how to give it to them.

According to experts, the main problem with dogs eating human food is that their owners feed them the same things they eat themselves.

This implies a high consumption of sugars and salt, which end up being harmful to the body of dogs, which, having smaller dimensions and a shorter intestine, are unable to metabolize these substances.

Sugars are particularly harmful. The increase in glucose causes circulatory problems in dogs , affecting the proper functioning of a large number of organs.

Salt intake by dogs is dangerous, as it can cause irritation to the digestive system . Furthermore, salt tends to accumulate inside the body of dogs, because they don’t sweat like we humans.

This is because in nature dogs would consume salt in very low quantities , so it’s best to avoid giving it to them.

One of the reasons why it is good to try to avoid that the dog asks for food when we are at the table, is that we risk giving him extremely toxic foods , such as chocolate or onion.

Although they will not cause the animal’s fulminant death, because they are usually ingested in small quantities, repeated consumption of certain foods can seriously harm the dog, even leading to death from poisoning.

One aspect to pay close attention to if you opt for a home diet is obesity. Our food contains a lot of fat, especially fried food.

The best thing to do is to prepare the dishes for the animal separately , making sure that they are rich in animal proteins and free of salt.

Obesity not only causes problems in the stomach and intestines, but also generates problems with the joints, as the dog has to bear extra weight: the arteries become blocked and serious diseases can be generated, which in some cases can lead to the animal to death.

Even the consumption of some vegetables and fruits can trigger colic and stomach pains. Furthermore, again due to the length of the intestine, many vegetables are difficult to ingest, hindering the correct assimilation of nutrients.

In general, food for humans causes dogs to produce less compact stools , as well as an increase in gas generation, due to numbness of digestion, which causes flatulence  characterized by a very strong smell.

At the same time, the risk of giving your dog foods that could cause allergic reactions or foods to which they are intolerant will increase.

For example, dairy products are a bad choice for dogs’ diets, as they are heavy, difficult to assimilate, and contain a high level of glucose. Dogs tend to develop intolerances to this type of food,  which causes them to vomit and diarrhea.

It is possible to avoid these problems by choosing specialized products for dogs that meet the specific characteristics of each dog .

However, if you decide to give your dog a home diet, you will need to look for products rich in animal proteins, low in fats, sugars, minerals and rich in fiber , in order to improve and stimulate proper digestion.

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