How to walk a rabbit on a leash

Having a rabbit as a pet is something more and more common, taking our little one for a walk can be a most entertaining task, take note of how to do it.

Having a rabbit as a pet is something more and more common . If we live in a flat or have space to be able to leave the rabbit at its own pace, we can enjoy some walks with it. Walking a rabbit is something that may be shocking to us, but in other countries with more tradition when it comes to having these animals as pets it is very common. The first step to be able to lower it safely is to get a collar or a rabbit harness, it will be the way to keep it under control. From here this is what you need to know to walk a rabbit.

Steps to walk a rabbit

Rabbits are not used to wearing a collar to a harness, invest in a good piece that fits well and can move without chafing. The rabbit should be comfortable and able to enjoy his walk like any other pet. Any questions you can consult with a specialist to help you choose the best one for him.

Once the rabbit is comfortable, practice at home for a few days . Get next to him and walk as you loosen the leash a bit. It is important that the animal gets used to being walked, sets the pace a little, rabbits may not have interest in moving or suffer some fear at first.

You can put some fences in the garden so that it gets used to walking outdoors. The rabbit, especially if it has become used to being at home, may have some initial difficulties when it comes to getting out and enjoying the outdoors. You can stand by his side and watch him to see if he really likes it or not.

Avoid dangerous animals and insects . Large dogs can be attracted to our rabbit, it is important not to leave it alone, if they mistake it for a toy they could do a lot of damage. In the same way, insects can cause health problems, avoid going near places frequented by mosquitoes or wasps.

There is always a first time for everything and when you have gone out for a walk with your rabbit you will realize that it is one more pet that can enjoy the outdoors in the same way as others. Do not lose sight of him and respect his times, you will see how an unbreakable bond between the two ends up being created.

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