How to treat dog bites on cats

Your feline has gone out for a walk and on his return presents a bite of a stray dog and you do not know what to do? Here’s how to treat dog bites on the cat.

It is well known that cats love freedom and easily, when they can, they “run away” from home and then return whenever they want. Very often, however, it can happen that your feline can make unwelcome encounters and return home with the bite of some stray dog.

It can also happen that those who live with both furry friends, the latter may have some “quarrel” and dog could bite cat. But whatever the way the cat got such a wound, what should be done about it? Let’s see together how to treat dog bites on the cat.

The dog bit the cat: here’s what to do

Cats are independent animals and very often run away from home and then return in the day or after days. It can happen during this time that your cat hurts itself, especially that it is bitten by a stray dog.

The first thing to do when your cat is bitten by a dog, both domestic and stray, you need to check if the wound that caused it bleeds. As the bites of dogs despite being small can cause bleeding.

So with a sterile gauze, and not with a handkerchief or toilet paper that may have bacteria, put pressure on the wound and stop the bleeding. You may need the help of another person as we know well that felines when they are afraid hide.

Once this is done, inspect the body of your cat, to highlight any other wounds that may not bleed but must still be cleaned. Then proceed to clean the wounds, using an antiseptic solution, in the absence of the latter you could use simple water.

If you want you can also prepare a saline solution, boiling half a liter of water and immersing a teaspoon of salt in it, once cooled use it to clean the wounds. It is important to remember that a wound on the cat due to a bite of a dog if neglected can turn into something more serious, such as an abscess in the cat.

For this reason it is necessary that every wound, even the one that may seem insignificant to you, must be checked by a veterinarian. The latter will be able to give you the right treatment depending on the severity of the injury that your cat has suffered.

Caring for the cat at home

Whatever the care that the veterinarian has prescribed for your four-legged friend, the wound of your feline will certainly be bandaged and depending on the indications of the veterinarian respect the various days of change of the bandage. It is also necessary to keep the cat always under control, to prevent it from scratching, biting or licking the wound.

In the event that stitches have been applied to your cat, you should make an appointment with your veterinarian for their removal. Generally it should take 10 to 12 days.

Finally, it is important to prevent such accidents in the future. In the event that your dog has bitten your cat, it is necessary to keep these two away so that they are not both calm. In the event that the aggression took place outside your walls, you should be careful where your cat goes, perhaps limiting solitary outings.

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