How to train the Central Asian Shepherd

The Central Asian Sheepdog is a breed that is not well suited to living in a small apartment, but you certainly want to have one standing guard at the entrance to your country house.

If there is a dog breed that can inspire fear and respect, it is the Central Asian Sheepdog. Not much is known about its origin, but this breed has lived for several centuries in the rocky areas of Central and South Asia.

The Central Asian Sheepdog is used by the shepherds of the Asian continent to protect and guide livestock. These prefer him for his great intelligence, cunning and strength. It is appropriate to say that it is a dog that is best to get along with!

How to train the Central Asian Sheepdog

If you have chosen to adopt this dog, it will be essential to breed it in the right way, in order to make your coexistence 100% peaceful and satisfying. When dealing with large animals with great physical strength, it pays to be aware of the importance of good puppy training to avoid aggressive adult problems and behaviors.

The most important thing with the Central Asian Sheepdog is that he knows who’s in charge at all times. You have to be above him and educate him with rewards, never with punishments. In fact, using physical strength with dogs of this weight and character is not a good idea and can be counterproductive.

His great intelligence allows him to learn very easily, and you will soon be inseparable friends. However, as with all animals, you have to be patient , and even more so if he is your shepherd dog he is still young and restless. However, as long as you are the leader of the pack, you won’t have any behavioral problems with him.

Another element that greatly strengthens the relationship with this type of dog is to carry out physical activities in the open air such as hiking together. If your Central Asian Sheepdog is feeling fine physically, exhausted and well fed, he will not miss anything and sleep more easily.

Dog rewards will get him to obey much sooner rather than giving him orders and commands. In fact, his ravenous appetite will make him focus much more on the thought of receiving a food reward.

It is also advisable to have him interact with other dogs from an early age. If it is a dog that lives in isolation and does not have contact with other dogs, as is often the case on farms that need a guard dog , it is very likely that it will become aggressive and have a tendency to attack.

Characteristics of the breed

He’s a huge dog, there’s no doubt about that. The Central Asian Sheepdog male can measure up to 80 centimeters while females are five centimeters smaller. Specimens as large as 90 centimeters have been found, but this is rather unusual.

The weight also depends a lot on each specimen , but more or less they can weigh between 60 and 90 kilograms, which makes them a physical marvel, with exceptional musculature. Despite its weight and size, the Central Asian Sheepdog is a tremendously agile and hardy dog . It can withstand long hours of walking without batting an eye and has a higher top speed than most dogs of its size.

The coat is thick and very dense, with great resistance to cold. The Central Asian Sheepdog is divided into two types: short-haired, with a length between three and five centimeters, and long-haired , with a length between five and eight centimeters. In any case, it does not reach the length of the hair of other mastiffs.

Throughout the history of the breed, the habit of breeding it as a guardian for livestock has made it very resistant to adverse weather conditions. So he has a coat that protects him from the cold and hardly needs brushing , unless you take particular care not to fill the house full of hair.

It is not easy to get a pure specimen these days, but if you find a puppy it will be a dog you will feel extremely safe with.

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