How to tell if a cat is male or female

You will need to know the sex of a cat, if for example, your cat has just had kittens or you have met your new companion on the street. In adults it is easier, but if they are small or new born, it is somewhat more difficult to know if they are female or male

Finding out the sex of a feline, especially if the animal is still a puppy, is not as easy as it might seem. In fact, most people who want to adopt a stray kitten or puppy wonder  how to tell if a cat is male or female.

Among many reasons is to name the new life partner. We have the case of a follower who believed that her cat was female until at the age of two she saw how her “cat” developed two vigorous testicles. The lady changed her pet’s name and called him “Trans”, in homage to the transgender community.

However,  although this case seems exceptional, it is more common than it seems.  The best thing is that we reveal some tricks to discover the sex of our cat as soon as possible.

How to tell the sex of a cat

There are 3 ways to find out if a kitten is female or male. The first one that we are going to explain to you is the safest one so as not to make mistakes, but you can also use the other two ways if you still have doubts.

How to tell if a cat is male or female by analyzing its genitalia

The first thing you should do if you have to know if a cat is male or female is to lift its tail to be able to observe its sexual organs. Ideally, you should place the feline’s anus area right in front of you (just below the tail ), to be able to see which sex it belongs to.

Cats are very easy to identify since the vagina is located just below the orifice of the anus. As you can see, although these are two organs with different functions, there is practically no separation between them. You will simply see that the kitten’s vagina appears as a tiny streak under a hole.

On the other hand, in cats, under the hole of the anus you will find their testicles. But unlike females, there is a small gap between them called the scrotum.

You will notice a small bulge and the penis sticking out. However, in new born felines the testicles and penis are very small and sometimes difficult to see.

Therefore, if they are newborn babies, their sexual organs are very small and somewhat more difficult to see, but remember the following:

  • If it is female you will see a hairline under the anus.
  • If it is male you will see a very small bulge or a point corresponding to the exit of the penis.

When the kittens are more than two months old, it is much easier to differentiate their sex.

In males, the testicles already stand out and protrude, and can be clearly palpated. In females, the vulva attached to the orifice of the anus or sphincter will be clearly defined.

If you want to see how it is done, in this short video an expert explains how to sex the kittens that have just been born and identifies them as male or female:

How to tell if a cat is female or male by color

You may not know it, but depending on the sex of the cat, its hair can be of one color or another. Therefore it can be a very effective way to get to know it without having to touch it.

The coat color of male cats can be at most only 2 colors. Black, orange or any of their combinations or degradations (gray, blue, brown, cream or tan).

You can also see male white cats next to one of these two colors (orange or black).

On the other hand, the coat of the females can be of 3 colors at the same time (tricolor). They can be white, orange or black, in addition to all the possible combinations and degradations between them.

Depending on the type and drawing of the colors, they can be turtle, calico or tricolor cats.

In summary: only female cats can have 3 color hair at a time . In contrast, male cats can only have 2-colored fur at the same time.

It is not a system that can clarify your doubt 100%, since if you see, for example, a totally black, white, black and white feline, or orange and white, it can be female or male. What is certain is that if you see one of 3 colors, it is a female.

How to know if it is a cat or cat by its body

The first thing you should look at to differentiate them is that within the same breed, males are somewhat larger, heavier and taller than females. The same thing happens in crossbred cats that are not of race.

On the other hand, the body of female cats is more stylized , light and thin. You could say that her body is more “feminine”. In the opposite case we have the male cats, whose physiognomy is more corpulent, muscular and robust.

They can also be differentiated by the shape of the face , but this can only be done by more experienced people, such as veterinarians. The faces of cats are slightly narrower and somewhat more pointed than that of males.

I don’t know if my cat is male or female

If with these 3 tricks to know if a cat is male or female , you are still not sure, you can go to a veterinarian who will help you clearly differentiate them.

But on the other hand, if you have managed to discover it, you can start to think what name you are going to give it.

You are sure to spend unforgettable moments with your new feline pet. And, remember that there are many cats for adoption who are waiting to have a home.

External characteristics of female cats

Place the cat on its back so that you can look at its anus from the front. Identifying a cat is going to be much easier. Its anatomy is simpler and you only have to recognize the vulva and the anus.

The position of the anus is just below the tail and just less than a centimeter below, the vulva is located . Both holes are very close. The anus appears as a small hole and the vulva as a small stripe. The two openings are very close together .

The fact that you have an older and castrated cat in your hands will not make any difference, since this operation does not affect her external appearance at all.

In any case, it is true that if the specimens are very small, the visual inspection is more complicated, because the male cat has not yet developed male organs and makes resolution difficult.

This will change around the month and a half of age, when the sexual organs have already developed. Even so, some adult specimens continue to present complications when it comes to distinguishing their sex.

External characteristics of male cats

The external appearance of a male cat is different from the female. Their sexual organs are different, although we have already warned that when  before a month and a half it is difficult to tell the difference .

When these organs begin to develop, you can see that  under the tail is also the anus, about three centimeters from the penis . Distinguishing it in the puppy is really difficult. However, comparing the distance between the two holes does allow us to establish the difference. The space between the two is notably greater than in females.

We can also  find the scrotum and testicles . You will notice a small bag of skin covered with fur, where the testicles are housed. These two lumps can be visible from puppies and you can also  feel them . Even when the cat has been neutered, you will still be able to touch the scrotum.

You must remain very attentive. At first, distinguishing the penis is difficult. With the passage of time, you will see that with a visual of the back of the male cat, you will see a small appendage covered with hair sticking out. It will outweigh the testicles a bit.

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